How To Ensure A Lasting Supply Of Breastmilk

By Snow, Parent Herald January 22, 07:58 am

One of the challenges of breastfeeding moms is whether or not they will be able to sustain their milk supply long enough to last their babies up to two years. Fortunately, a lactation counselor has provided valuable tips that will help ensure a continuous supply of breastmilk.

Smart Parenting has featured Abbie Venida-Yabot, a certified lactation counselor from the University of the Philippines-Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH) where she shared invaluable insights for breastfeeding moms. Yabot, who is currently pregnant with her fifth child, is also a La Leche League Leader, an international non-profit organization that aims to provide information and support to women who desire to breastfeed.

According to Yabot, moms must latch the baby whenever they can as the body needs to adapt to the demands of the baby. The first six weeks after giving birth is essential in establishing one's milk supply and frequent latching at this stage will prove helpful.

Moms who are working must express milk as much as they can. One must not wait until the breasts are engorged before they express. The body interprets engorgement as having been able to produce milk but it was not needed. Prolonged engorgement can lead to a lessened milk supply. It is therefore recommended that moms express every two hours.

Eating healthy food and getting a complete rest must also be taken into consideration. The body needs the energy in order to produce sufficient amount of milk.

For those who are still in doubt whether to breastfeed or not, Fit Pregnancy has enumerated some benefits that moms and babies will enjoy. By breastfeeding, one will have a healthier baby with stronger bones and with a reduced risk for chronic infections. Breastfed babies are also at a lower risk of becoming obese later on in life.

Breastfeeding moms gain a whole lot of benefits, too. They burn more calories when they breastfeed and they are at a lower risk for cancer. Another plus point is they get to save on baby's milk.

While breastfeeding may be challenging, the benefits that mother and baby receive out of it will outweigh the inconveniences. Moms should no doubt breastfeed whenever they can.

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