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Mother and child.

Parenting  24 February '16

Be More Sensitive: This Adoption Question Must Not Be Heard By Adoptive Parents Or Adopted Kids

It is this adoption question that hurts both adoptive parents and adopted children the most.

Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson and daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson.

null  24 February '16

Jessica Simpson's Daughter, Maxwell Drew, Shows Off Her Haughty Stance In This Cute Instagram Pic [SEE PIC]

This picture of Maxwell Drew, Jessica Simpson's three-year-old photo makes her look like a runway supermodel.

This can predict divorce.

Family Life  24 February '16

You Can Predict Divorce: Research Says This Is The Number One Predictor

When you recognize this number one predictor of divorce, you will be able to take steps to prevent it from happening.

Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian

null  24 February '16

Will The Instagram Post Of Kris Jenner Bring A Rift Between Kim And Kourtney Kardashian?

Take a look at what Grandma Kris Jenner described Saint West and decide if Kourtney should see green against Kim Kardashian.

Child reading a book.

Health/Nutrition  23 February '16

Are You Reading this Sentence? If Yes, You Have Been Brainwashed!

One neuroscientist said that if you're still reading this sentence, then you have been brainwashed without even realizing it.

Jennifer Lopez with twins on their 8th birthday.

null  23 February '16

Jennifer Lopez Celebrates Her Twins' 8th Birthday; Emme and Max Have Brought "Joy and Happiness" to Her Life

Jennifer Lopez captured her twins' 8th birthday in a lovely heartwarming photo and calls them "lights of my life."

Queen Elizabeth bends down to touch dog at Welshpool.

Parenting  23 February '16

You'll Be Surprised At What Queen Elizabeth Feeds Her Corgis; Every Dog Will Definitely Be Envious Of Them

Queen Elizabeth certainly knows how to give her corgis the royal treatment especially during mealtimes. Guess what Her Majesty's feeding them.

Kate Hudson during a Kung Fu Panda 3 interview.

null  23 February '16

Guess How Many Children Kate Hudson Wants To Have - You'll Be Surprised!

Take time to find out just how many children Kung Fu Panda 3 actress, Kate Hudson, wants to have.

Kim Kardashian is pregnant.

Pregnancy  23 February '16

Kim Kardashian Showed Sisters Her Swollen Feet; Talks About Pregnancy Complications Before Saint West's Birth

Kim Kardashian did not have any qualms about showing off her swollen feet in KUWTK as she was nearning Saint West's birth.

Child tracking wearable devices.

Parenting  21 February '16

Dad Invents Smart Wristband To Help Track Lost Children After Losing Daughter At A Park For An Hour

This ingeniuos dad had a harrowing experience of losing his daughter at a park, so he invented the Smart Wristband so as not to lose her again.

Senior Woman Exercising In A Gym

Family Life  21 February '16

73-Year Old World Champion Weight Lifter Says She's In The Best Shape She's Ever Been

This 73-year old world champion weight lifter says she's in the best shape after lifting 72 lbs. of weight!

Expecting couple relaxing inside a hammock

Pregnancy  21 February '16

8 Easy Ways To Enhance Fertility And Increase Chances Of Conceiving

If you're trying to get pregnant, these eight easy ways can help enhance fertility and increase your chances of conceiving.

Ne-Yo and Crystal Renay are married in Los Angeles

Trending News  21 February '16

NE-YO Marries Girlfriend Crystal Renay In Lovely Los Angeles Oceanside Wedding Ceremony

NE-YO and Crystal Renay finally tied the knot at a luxurious seaside resort in Los Angeles.

Portrait Of A Young Bill Gates

News  20 February '16

This Trait Of Young Bill Gates Made Him The World's No. 1 Billionaire

If you're wondering what made Bill Gates into a billionaire, this trait of young Gates has got a lot to do with it.

A girl drinking soda from a glass.

Food  20 February '16

6 Dreadful Things Your Body Goes Through When You Drink Soda Every Day; No. 4 Will Let You Forget About Sodas

Before reaching out for that can of soda, read these six horrifying things that you're allowing your body to go through every time.

All boys school.

News  20 February '16

North London School Experiences Backlash For Teaching Boys That Women's Role Is To 'Cook And Clean'

A school in North London came under fire after their sexist teachings were exposed.

Breastfeeding mom being publicly shamed.

Parenting  20 February '16

Ohio Gym Asked Breastfeeding Mom To Leave Because She Nursed 8-Month Old Baby

Aidan Johnson was repeatedly asked by a fitness gym staff in Ohio to leave when she nursed her eight-month old baby.

Floyd Mayweather

Trending News  19 February '16

Multi-Millionaire Floyd Mayweather's New Love Interest Is A 19-Year Old Shop Girl From Dudley

The 38-year old multi-millionaire found a new love interest in a 19-year old shop girl from the West Midlands.

Ultrasound of a 19 week-old fetus.

Parenting  19 February '16

Heartbreaking Sonogram Picture Shows Twin Sister Holding Dying Brother's Hand

A heartbreaking sonogram of a twin sister holding on to the hand of his dying twin brother while inside the womb.

Kate Hudson

Health/Nutrition  19 February '16

What Kate Hudson Eats To Keep Her Stunning Figure

Here's a list of foods that the fit and fab Kate Hudson eats in order to stay stunningly beautiful.

Fighting Zika virus

News  19 February '16

WHO Confirmed Genetically Modified Mosquitoes May Be Used To Fight Zika Virus

In the world's fight against Zika, the World Health Organization confirmed that it may use genetically modified mosquitoes.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Family Life  19 February '16

Why Is Kanye West Buried In $53 Million Worth Of Debt?

Kanye West recently tweeted that he has $53 million in personal debt, which left many people asking, why?

Tonsil guillotine, French, mid 19th century.

News  18 February '16

9-Year Old Wisconsin Boy Dies After Outpatient Tonsillectomy

A nine-year old boy from Milwaukee died after undergoing an outpatient tonsillectomy.

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