Mother Dog Escapes Kennel To Console Crying Puppies On Their First Night At Foster Care

By Snow, Parent Herald February 04, 07:48 am

It is no surprise for moms to give comfort to lost and abandoned babies. But these maternal feelings aren't only present in humans. At a foster care in Canada, a crossbreed mother dog sneaked out of her kennel to console two crying foster puppies on their very first night at the care center.

Yahoo has reported that "Maggie," the mommy dog, also had her own puppies, but they were taken away from her for adoption. So, when she had the opportunity to express her longing for her own litter, she didn't doubt for a second to sneak out of her own kennel and be with the two puppies.

The employees at Barker's Pet Motel and Grooming saw the dramatic escape of Maggie when they watched the surveillance cameras. At the time of the escape, they weren't at the vicinity. According to Alex Aldred, one of the workers at the foster care, "We left work and then we were watching the surveillance cameras while we were out and we saw Maggie was sitting in front of the puppies' kennels."

He added that, "We've never really seen it before, where a dog sneaks out to some puppies and is so excited to see them." The dog stood in front of the puppies' kennels and one of the staff had to let her in. The moment she was with the puppies, they snuggled up against each other.

The staff figured out that the puppies must be longing for the comfort of a mother, and simply allowed Maggie to stay with the puppies the entire night.

Express has also covered the story. One of the staff of Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society, Deanna Thompson said that, "It's innate in a lot of female dogs, especially if they've had a litter in the past." She further explained, "It's just in their nature. We've seen it in a lot of dogs even with male dogs, when they hear other puppies crying they want to console them and make sure they're feeling safe."

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