How To Spot A Bad Babysitter: 7 Warning Signs You Should Know

By Snow, Parent Herald February 08, 06:09 am

Do your instincts tell you that something's terribly wrong with your babysitter? If yes, then you might have chosen a bad nanny for your precious child. Fortunately, Baby Center is on the rescue. The website has provided seven warning signs that will help you spot a bad babysitter.

"Sorry, I'm late."

You only have 20 minutes left to get to that very important meeting and all that your babysitter can say is, "Sorry, I'm late." If she can't arrive on time, how can she handle taking care of a child? Tardiness makes her an undependable nanny.

It's your child's fault, never hers.

It seems that whenever something goes wrong, it's always your child's fault. She might say something like, "I told her not to do it, but she wouldn't listen." If your nanny starts making a lot of excuses and can't at the very least own up to her mistakes, then you're in for big trouble. Owning up to one's mistake is a sure sign of trustworthiness.

Your child doesn't want to be left alone with her.

If you feel that your child is afraid of her nanny, then there might be something that creates fear in your child's heart. Next to you, nannies must be persons whom your child can run to. If your child clings or begs for you to stay whenever the babysitter arrives, then it's a warning that you should be concerned about.

She is quite secretive about the day's activities.

Your nanny cannot even remember what she and your child did during the day. Any parent who has been away the whole day would like to know what his or her child did. If the nanny is hesitant to tell you their activities for the day, then that may be a problem.

Going home to a lot of boo-boos.

If every time you arrive home your child would always show a scratch, a bump, or a wound, then your nanny might not be keeping her eye on your child well.

Inviting girl or boy friends without asking permission.

About has also mentioned that a bad babysitter who invites anybody without asking permission from you reeks of untrustworthiness. It isn't her home that she can do anything with it.

She downplays your parenting styles.

Sometimes, bad babysitters tend to impose their own parenting methods on your children, despite the fact that it runs contrary to your own. When she starts being highly critical of how you raise your child, even in the most basic things like nutrition and safety, then better start looking for a good babysitter who is on the same page with you.  

Having a bad babysitter is really something to contend with. So try to be on the lookout for any of these warning signs, when you see them, don't hesitate to say bye-bye and start looking for a new nanny.

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