Dad Choked to Death After Attempting To Swallow A Whole McDonald's Cheeseburger

By Snow, Parent Herald February 04, 08:58 pm

Pranks can elicit a whole lot of laughter, but they can be dangerous as well. A 29-year old dad choked to death when he attempted to swallow a McDonald's cheeseburger. What's at stake? It was just a prank that has utterly gone wrong.

According to Mirror's, Darren Bray, from Barry, South Wales, was together with his two friends, drinking beer, when out of nowhere he wanted to show off to his friends that he can swallow the whole cheeseburger.

During the inquest, his friends recounted that Bray told them, "Watch this," then he squashed the burger into half and without any hesitation, put it all in his mouth. As a result, he choked on the burger and eventually died.

His friends tried to revive him but failed to do so. BBC reported that paramedics were also called to the scene, but even after attempting CPR, his heart was already unresponsive. Bray didn't even make it to the hospital as he died at the place where he and his friends were drinking beer.

According to Dr. Rhiannon Trefor, Bray died due to a blockage on his airway. She added that, "When we did an internal examination there was a eight by five centimeter ball of food stuck at the back of his neck."

Trefor also added that due to the size of the food, Bray would not have been able to breathe. From such a type of choking, death will follow quickly.

Bray is a father of three kids and is said to be well liked by a lot of people. Asst. Coroner Christopher Woolley expressed his condolences to the family during the inquest.

The case of Darren Bray is not the first of pranks that had gone wrong, which resulted in death of the prankster. What happened to Bray will make people more aware of the dangers of doing pranks. It could only lead to three things, one, the prankster comes out unscathed, two, the prankster suffers from an injury, and worst of all, it could lead to death.

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