Study Shows Women Find It Harder To Lose Weight Than Men

By Snow, Parent Herald February 04, 08:52 pm

Statistics shows that there are more obese women than men. Why is this so? The answer was revealed in a latest study, which shows that women's brains have not been wired to losing weight, thereby making it harder for women to lose weight compared to men.

The underlying reason behind this lies in the different hormones affecting each gender. In a concerted research conducted by the University of Aberdeen, University of Cambridge and University of Michigan, it found that the behavior of brain cells that regulate the production of hormones responsible for weight loss is different in men and women.

The research, which was published in the Molecular Metabolism journal said that between males and females, even with the same amount of dieting, and the same amount of exercise, males will still lose weight better than their female counterparts.

Professor Lora Heisler, the lead researcher from University of Aberdeen in the UK said that, "What we have discovered is that the part of the brain that has a significant influence on how we use the calories that we eat is wired differently in males and females," Yahoo reported.

She further explained in Inquisitr that the brain cells responsible in regulating the appetite and the physical activity differ in men and women. While it may be possible to give certain medications that will curb the appetite of women, such is not enough to promote the proper signals in the brain that will help regulate physical activity and the body's energy expenditure.

Based on the study, the team of researchers is hopeful that it can pave the way for better health treatments. Previously, sex has not been considered in formulating treatments for obesity, but with this latest finding, better and more precise treatments may be made in the hopes of reducing the cases of obesity in the world.

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