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Young boy holding guns.

News  10 March '16

4-Year-Old Boy Accidentally Shoots Mother Who Advocates the Right to Bear Arms

A mother who loves guns was accidentally shot by her 4-year-old son with a .45 caliber handgun.

Tilikum the Killer Whale

Parenting  10 March '16

Tilikum the Killer Whale of SeaWorld is Dying; Is Help On the Way?

Tilikum the Killer Whale of SeaWorld may die soon as his health is deteriorating despite medical help.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones during the AARP's 15th Annual Movies for Grownups Awards.

Trending News  10 March '16

Michael Douglas Prepares Will After Learning He's Not Cancer-Free

Michael Douglas is preparing his will after learning that he's not cancer free after all.

Co-parenting with mom

Parenting  10 March '16

Challenges of Co-Parenting: Here's How to Handle Co-Parenting With Your Mom

Here are some effective ways on how to face the challenges of co-parenting with your own mother.

Supermom multitasking

Parenting  10 March '16

7 Habits that Separate the Supermoms from the Rest of the Mommies

Seven surefire habits that will turn you into a supermom.

Mother lifting baby up.

Parenting  10 March '16

8 Things You Previously Hate, But Did It Anyway When You Became a Mother

Here are the things that you used to hate, but you actually did when you became a mother.

Kim Kardashian

null  10 March '16

Hollywood Moms Apparently Not Happy With Kim Kardashian’s Latest Selfie Post; Kim K Defends Herself

Some Hollywood moms didn't hesitate to admonish Kim Kardashian for her latest selfie post, and as expected Kim K defended herself.

Man who looks at their reflection in the mirror all the time are said to be narcissistic.

Health/Nutrition  9 March '16

How to Know if You're a Narcissist: 7 Narcissistic Traits to Watch Out For

These seven narcissistic traits will tell you whether you are a narcissist whom a lot of people don't really like to hang out with.

Mom and daughter

Parenting  9 March '16

Horrible Surrogate Mom Kept Baby Girl While Forcing Parents to Pay Child Support

A surrogate mom kept the baby girl in her custody and forced the poor parents to keep on paying for child support.

Girl wearing prom dress.

News  9 March '16

Teen Who Killed Classmate for Refusing to Be His Prom Date Gets a Lenient Penalty

Teenager who stabbed his popular classmate to death for refusing to be his prom date was given a lenient sentence.

Kim Kardashian and North West

null  9 March '16

North West Fell On Her Face While Kim Kardashian's Mind Is Elsewhere; Kanye West Divorce Perhaps?

Nort West fell on her face during a toy shopping spree with mom Kim Kardashian, while the latter's mind seemed to be elsewhere.

Angelina Jolie's kids think her job is so easy.

null  9 March '16

Angelina Jolie's Kids Think Their Mom's Job Is 'So Easy'

Angelina Jolie's kids, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh and Knox think that her job is "so easy!"

Rob Kardashian and momager Kris Jenner.

null  8 March '16

Momager Kris Jenner Is Meddling Too Much; Causing Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna Split?

Momager Kris Jenner may not only be meddling with Rob Kardashian's career, but also with his relationship with Blac Chyna, causing them to split.

Sad kid who understands his emotions.

Parenting  8 March '16

Here's How You Can Help Your Kid Develop His Emotional Intelligence

Developing the emotional intelligence of kids early on is essential for holistic development; and here's how you can help them do it.

Black man having a problem.

Trending News  8 March '16

Caught on Camera: Black Man Accosted By Cincinnati Police While Walking on the Street Drinking Coffee

Charles Harrell just got his morning coffee and was walking leisurely when he was accosted by a Cincinnati police officer, and this was caught on camera.

Sonic Drive, America's favorite drive-in, may soon become the largest fast food chain in the U.S.

Food  8 March '16

Sonic Drive to Dethrone McDonald's and Burger King as the Largest Fast Food Chain in the U.S.?

Move over McDonald's and Burger King, it seems Sonic Drive fast food chain is slowly eating into your market share.

Nancy Reagan and President Ronald Reagan during their 50th anniversary.

News  8 March '16

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan Dies at 94; Here are Quotes that Define Nancy and Ronald Reagan's Relationship

Be inspired of the quotes left by former First Lady Nancy Reagan who died at 94, which highlighted her relationship with former President Ronald Reagan.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris together.

Trending News  7 March '16

Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Celebrated their 1st Year Anniversary; Will Wedding Bells Be Ringing Soon?

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris made it through one year, which made a lot wonder if wedding plans are also on the way.

Chrissy Teigen's baby shower made her Queen Baby Mama.

Pregnancy  7 March '16

Chrissy Teigen's Princess-Themed Baby Shower Made "King" Dad, John Legend, and "Queen" Mom Really Proud

Chrissy Teigen's baby shower is a princess-themed celebration which made guests feel like royals, and "King" Baby Daddy John feel very proud.

Is Rob Kardashian breaking up with Blac Chyna?

News  7 March '16

Rob and Blac Breakup: Is Rob Kardashian 'Deleting' Blac Chyna from His Life for Good?

Rob Kardashian deleted his Instagram photos including those of girlfriend, Blac Chyna, leaving many people speculating if they're heading for a breakup.

Five year old child lodged safety pin inside her nose for 6 months.

Parenting  6 March '16

You Won't Believe How This Safety Pin Got Stuck in 5-Year-Old Girl's Nose for 6 Months; Mom Said 'It Was Bigger than Her Nose'

A five-year-old girl got a safety pin stuck in her nose for 6 months, causing continuous run.

Two-year-old girl dialing 911 to help put her pants on.

News  6 March '16

2-Year-Old Calls 911; Cop Responded to Help Her Put Her Pants On

A fashion emergency: this two-year-old girl dialed 911 to ask somebody to help her put her pants on.

Surrogate mom gave birth to baby with birth defects despite order by parents to go through abortion.

Parenting  5 March '16

Surrogate Mom Gave Birth to Baby with Birth Defects Even after Baby's Parents Ordered an Abortion

Crystal Kelley stood pat on her decision to deliver the baby with birth defects, even after she was ordered by her parents to undergo abortion.

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