Miracle Baby Boy Was Born While Still Inside His Amniotic Sac

By Snow, Parent Herald February 27, 01:02 am

Babies are usually born with their amniotic sacs already broken; however, this miracle baby was born while he was still inside his amniotic sac. The whole "amniotic sac birth" was even captured on video. 

Silas Johnson was born prematurely at 26 weeks in California. In the video provided by Daily Mail, one can see that he was still yawning and wiggling inside his amniotic sac as the doctor was wiping the sac with a cloth. It would seem that he was responding to the touch of the gentle doctor.

In order to let the baby take his first breath, the doctor was given a pair of scissors, and he went on to cut through the sac, and voila, miracle baby Silas simply spilled out into the protective hands of the doctor, whom he expertly caught. The baby also gave a little cry as he took his first breath.

The birth of baby Silas Johnson is considered a miracle as such birth is a rare case, occurring once in every 80,000 births. The amniotic sac is the protective covering of the baby while still inside the womb, which under ordinary circumstances, gets broken when the woman's water breaks during labor.

With baby Silas, as per Yahoo News, his amniotic fluid and umbilical cord were all intact in the amniotic sac at the time he was taken out of his mom's womb. It was the sac that cushioned baby from bumps and provided him with food that he can swallow while in utero.

Now, miracle baby born inside amniotic sac, Silas Johnson, is a healthy 10-week old. His birth showed the world how incredible babies are inside their amniotic sacs. Millions of people have been drawn to this amniotic sac birth and have seen the video which was originally uploaded by Jasmine Perez on Facebook.  

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