These Rare Twins, One Black and One White, are a First in the U.K.

By Snow, Parent Herald February 26, 04:30 am

Twins normally come with similar if not identical physical characteristics. However, these rare black and white twins, Amelia and Jasmine, defy these norms as one of them has dark skin and the other has lighter skin, despite the fact that they have come from the same egg.

In a Yahoo News report, their mother, 37-year-old Libby Appleby, was initially told by her doctors that her unborn babies would be similar and must be "marked with ink" so as to help them identify which is which. However, the prediction didn't occur. In fact, the opposite happened.

When the twins were born, Amelia had brown eyes, black hair and dark skin. Jasmine, the other twin, had blue eyes, mousey curls, and fair skin. With these traits, one cannot even say that both of them come from the same egg.

Libby said: "When they were born, we were flabbergasted, even the doctors couldn't believe it." She added that the rare twins looked like they were of different races. She said, "Amelia is the spitting image of her dad, while Jasmine is a mini version of me."

In a Fox News report, identical twins are said to be monozygotic, having come from the same embryo but with different sacs. But while rare black and white twin sisters Amelia and Jasmine were monozygotic, they became the exception to the rule on identical twins.

According to Libby, "Doctors told us the chances of conceiving mixed race twins are one in a million." They were simply so thrilled that Amelia and Jasmine were so unique.

As for the reactions of people around them, treating the two girls as sisters instead of being twins, Libby said, "I don't blame strangers for thinking they aren't sisters, because they do look nothing alike." Now she just laughs at that fear of not being able to tell apart the two girls, at the time that they were told the twins would be identical. These rare black and white twins are a treasure to their parents.

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