Why Young Mothers Feel Too Much Pressure to Succeed in Parenting

By Snow, Parent Herald February 26, 04:20 am

The demands of parenting can wear out moms of all ages, whether she is already a mother of three or a new mom who is still groping the dark on how to become a good parent. However, it seems that at present times, younger mothers are more pressured on how to become a perfect parent. They are struggling daily on how to successfully overcome the challenges of parenting. Isn't everybody?

In Yahoo News, the answer laid down to this somewhat pervading phenomenon is the fact that women push themselves to be the best in a highly competitive world, making them expect the same degree of  competitiveness from their children. Hence, in their struggle to become the best, they also expect their children to become the best.

So what do most of these young moms do? They go out of their way to become the "best parents" in the hopes that their children would be academic achievers, Hollywood stars, or world-class athletes. They send them to all types of classes. Among them are voice, ballet, guitar, martial arts and sports lessons. 

Some experts suggest that in order for children to excel today, parents must learn how to deal with each child differently. They must be supportive of what their children loves to do and not to impose something that their children are not even interested in, as the latter often drives the child to lose interest. It is therefore safe to assume that a loving and supporting disposition can lead children to excel in what they're doing.

Course Hero stated that parents feel the pressure because they are caught up in all the unnecessary details of becoming a "perfect parent" rather than becoming a "good parent." There seems to be a difference between these two parenting terms.

Perhaps young mothers feel the pressure of becoming a perfect parent rather than becoming a good parent. If this is the case, it will be helpful if young moms will take a step back and better understand the personalities of their children. Remember, as a parent, you know what's best for your kids more than what the world could ever tell you.

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