One Harmful Type Of Dietary Supplement You Need To Be Aware Of

By Snow, Parent Herald January 22, 09:29 pm

The fast-paced life of many Americans often compels them to take dietary supplements. However, in a recent investigation by "Frontline," one must be careful in taking fish-oil pills as this supplement may be doing the body more harm than good.

The "Frontline" investigation revealed that it is hard to figure out the real content of these fish-oil pills in terms of the Omega-3 fatty acids it gives the body. Fish oil is said to be quite sensitive, which means that it has the susceptibility to break down into a form that will be harmful to the body.

Yahoo News reported that out of the 47 fish oil pills coming from New Zealand, 20 percent did not meet the industry standards as provided by GOED, a fish-oil trade association known worldwide. This figure was divulged by a representative of the organization.

The buck does not stop here though, because in a more recent study based in New Zealand of the same fish oils, the number of those falling below industry standards went up to 83 percent.

With this data made available, it can be safe to conclude that the much needed Omega-3 fatty acids will be better sourced from fish instead of from fish-oil pills. Aside from this, even high quality pills are said to be not doing much for the body.

In 2012 alone, sales of fish-oil pills reached a whopping $1 billion. This may have been brought about by effective product marketing or the hype that these pills contribute a lot of good for the body.

For those who find it hard to cook their meals and rely mostly on dietary supplements, the National Institutes of Health recommends that consumers look at the Supplement Facts to ascertain the contents. It would also be best to consult a health care provider before taking these supplements especially when one is already suffering from an ailment.

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