Don't Drink Protein, Eat It!

By Snow, Parent Herald March 22, 08:05 am

Protein shakes are among the most consumed drinks of Americans. It is the fastest and most convenient way of getting the daily dietary protein requirement of the body without going through the process of cooking and chewing. With all the hullaballoo that protein drinks get, have you ever wondered if your body garners the same benefit when you drink protein as compared to when you eat it?

According to The Daily Beast, one New York City-based dietitian, Megan Wolf, said that people should eat calories and not drink them. Wolf mentioned, "The brain interprets calories from food differently than calories from drinks; therefore it's essential that people limit liquid calories."

Due to the speedy manner by which liquids are absorbed by the body, many people end up consuming more calories when they drink them as compared to eating them. Wolf said, "Most people can drink more calories than they could eat in one sitting. And with any drink, those calories can go down very quickly."

When people eat faster, there is lesser time for the brain to tell the stomach that it is already full and that the body no longer needs the extra calories. So although you have already consumed the proper amount of calories, your body does not interpret it as such and makes you want more.

The worse part about protein shakes is that you don't know what it is really made up of. Yes, it is composed of protein, but what's the source. Some protein shakes come from plants like legumes or hemp, and there are also those that come from cow's milk. There are sweeteners included, color dyes, and even preserving agents.

Since there is no standard to be followed as to what can be included in a protein shake, many consumers pack on more calories that they could eat in a single sitting. While a quick meal may generally appeal to the American public, taking a step back and reflecting on what you're giving your body may be prudent at this point.

According to SF Gate, one precaution for those who really don't have the time to eat their protein is to ensure that the ingredients of your protein shake are the best. Also, make sure that you are vigilant about food portions, as opting for a protein shake could either break or make your diet.

If you are one busy person and you just don't have the time to cook meals, then perhaps a protein shake might be helpful. But as much as possible, if you have the chance to eat protein, opt for that option, it will truly benefit your body. Do you know of really good protein shakes? Share them below.

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