Pedophile Symbol on Pink Toy Truck Discovered by Vigilant Mom Led to Its Massive Recall

By Snow, Parent Herald March 17, 07:15 am

A massive toy recall was issued by the company manufacturing pink toy trucks where a pedophile symbol was found by a vigilant mom. She was very much disturbed upon seeing the symbol on the toy which she bought for her two-year-old daughter.

The pink toy truck was sold during a Monster Jam event in Tampa Florida. The mother, Nicole O'Kelly, upon initially seeing the symbol didn't care much about it, after all, it was an innocent looking heart enclosed in a much larger heart.

However, when her older daughter saw the symbol, she immediately called her mother's attention. Yahoo reported that her daughter was a fan of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and she recognized the symbol as a "secret code for pedophiles," having watched the series for many times. She derived the inference from an episode where a child was sent the said symbol, which means "girl lovers."

O'Kelly, upon learning the meaning of the innocent looking symbol immediately sprang into action. She said, "I'm absolutely sick. I bought this for my 2-year-old little girl. This toy was made for little girls. I wanted answers."

What made it more fortuitous was that O'Kelly bought it at an event comprised mostly of males. She said, "This is pink." She further emphasized it saying, "This is for little girls, especially at a predominately male event."

Reports made by KSDK said that the company that manufactures the toys, Feld Inc., was unaware of the meaning of the heart symbol. They have no idea that the two hearts was actually a pedophile symbol. They also said that it was an unintentional mistake, and upon learning of the meaning of the symbol immediately issued a recall.

Stephen Payne, a representative of Feld Inc., said, "Clearly we're in the business with providing high-quality family entertainment. This was really obscure." He also added that they will make sure it does not happen again.

It was also reported that the worker responsible for designing the said toy was no longer with them. The company is also doing its best to find out if there have been more toys which were designed by the same person who worked on the pink truck with the pedophile symbol.

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