Technology Rules For Family: Parents Subject To 5 Technology Rules At Home; 'Mom, Dad, Listen!'

By Snow, Parent Herald April 06, 08:39 am

In a tech-oriented era, the use of technology at home is considered a constant. However, there are instances when many parents feel that technology rules at home are only applicable to their children. But hey, aren't we all in the same home subject to the same technology rules? Touche!

Following the principle that parent's actions, no matter how wrong they are, become right in the eyes of the child, it is imperative for parents to follow the same rules that are being imposed on kids. This can be applicable to various facets of family life, including the use of technology at home.

According to The Daily, a recent study conducted at the University of Michigan and the University of Washington showed that children also have certain expectations when it comes to the technology use of their parents. Children aged 10-17 of 249 families were asked about their expectations regarding their parents' technology use. Surprisingly, their expectations are realistic, but most of the time, remain unheeded by many parents.

No Gadgets During Conversations

A lot of children feel that gadgets should be eradicated whenever a child tries to talk to his parents. So if you're working on your computer right now, reading this, and your child comes up to talk to you about a topic which you can hardly relate to, better stop reading and talk to your child. It will be worth it.

Huffington Post mentioned that if you get wrapped up in your own technology, you are at risk of creating a huge divide between you and your children. So don't let wrong use of technology get in the way.

No Texting When Driving

If you teach your kids not to text while driving, then wise use of technology at home dictates that you must likewise refrain from doing the same. Children are also mindful of what their parents are doing and what they're being told to do.

Make Decisions Regarding Technology

There are also many children who feel that they should be given independence when deciding on technology related matters. These decisions may include as to the kind of phone they want, type of shows they want to watch, and similar stuff. For as long as they don't go out of bounds, why not?

Moderate Use Of Technology At Home

Majority of children believe that their parents' technology use at home should be balanced with other activities. It really isn't good for children to see their parents using the computer 24/7 without doing any other worthwhile activities.

Hypocrisy Is Not Allowed

If you tell your kids that mobile phones are off limits during mealtimes or that Sundays should be family time and Facebook is banned at home, then make sure you follow them. These technology rules for family apply both to parents and children.

Technology rules at home must always apply to mom, dad and kids. It isn't enough that parents impose the rules without following them. Proper use of technology at home will always benefit you and your kids in the long run.

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