KUWTK Family Update: Kris Jenner Tried Spiritually 'Curing' Bruce Jenner; Was He 'Possessed' By Evil Spirits?

By Snow, Parent Herald April 05, 07:17 am

Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner) had perhaps one of the most controversial Hollywood marriages. With the latest Ian Halperin book "Kardashian Dynasty," it was revealed that Kris, being an Evangelical Christian, tried "curing" her Bruce once. Does this mean that Bruce was once possessed by evil spirits?

Kris Jenner didn't do any exorcism rituals on Bruce as he was not exactly possessed by evil spirits. Radar Online reported that Kris tried curing her husband from being a transgender. Perhaps she felt that transgenderism was some sort of a disease that needs curing.

There were quite a few surprising and juicy details provided by "Kardashian Dynasty" on the secret lives of Kris and Bruce. Even before Kris and Bruce got married, the former already knew of the hidden desires of Bruce in wearing women's clothes. This did not deter Kris from marrying Bruce, in the hopes that the latter's fame as an Olympian could fiscally benefit her whole family.

While the Kardashian matriarch tried to lure Bruce away from being feminine, her efforts proved to be futile as Bruce eventually became Caitlyn Jenner, Business Standard reported. According to Halperin, "Kris believed the only way to 'bring Bruce right' was through the church."

Halperin also said that Kris told Bruce to "pray" so that the latter may be guided accordingly. She resorted to religious conversion on the ground that "homosexuality is a mental disorder or it can somehow be 'cured.'"

Apparently, there was no "curing" that happened as nobody could catch a glimpse of Bruce Jenner anymore. What remains is the image of Caitlyn.

Although Caitlyn said in Business Standard that he found it hard to leave Bruce as he was a "good person," he still opted to turn into a woman. According to Caitlyn, "It was time for this woman that's lived inside me; it's a chance for her to live. Let's see what she can do with her life."

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