Prince William to the Rescue! Tree Surgeon Shocked When He Saw Who His Rescuer Was

By Snow, Parent Herald April 02, 06:38 am

For Jim Schembri, Prince William just became his "knight" in a yellow jumpsuit after he was knocked out by a tree. Not in his wildest dreams did he expect to be royally rescued by the Duke of Cambridge himself!

Mirror reported that Schembri, 37, was working in a garden in Wisbech when he was suddenly knocked out by a tree branch. He was very much astonished when he later realized that one of his rescuers was the future King of England!

According to Schembri, who was a former soldier serving the 24 Airmobile Brigade, he felt shocked when he turned and saw Prince William's face. As Schembri was being loaded into the helicopter, he even commented, "Willsy better not be flying this thing." It was at that moment that the Duke of Cambridge turned around and said that he has been holding Schembri's head for 30 minutes already.

Schembri had nothing but praises for William. The prince even went with him to the emergency room to ensure that he was okay after having dislocated his hip and shoulder from the accident.

According to Yahoo, there were onlookers who testified that it was Prince William who first jumped out of the helicopter. He was also the first one to pull him from the stretcher to an ambulance that was waiting for them.

Prince William is known for his heroic efforts, putting in 80 hours every month with the Air Ambulance Service. As an air ambulance pilot, William is familiar with immediate first aid treatments relative to accidents.

The Duke of Cambridge has been juggling his royal obligations and his career as a pilot. He has been away from U.K. recently for a trip to Kenya where he attended the wedding of his ex-girlfriend, Jecca Craig. He is also scheduled to leave for India and Bhutan in the coming days.

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