If You Don't Have Kids, Don't Say These 5 Things to Parents; No. 3 Truly Irks Them

By Snow, Parent Herald March 31, 11:30 pm

Parents understand other parents. They know how hard parenting really is, and could often empathize with one another. But sometimes, those who don't have kids say things to parents without realizing the implications. Below you'll find the top five annoying things you should never say to parents.

"I'm exhausted."

According to Huffington Post, if non-parents would say this to parents, the latter would think, "How can they be so tired when they don't wake up every night because of a baby's cries?" In addition, non-parents don't have to contend with a toddler who would kick them in the face every 15 or 20 minutes. So much for a restful night, huh?

"I understand what you're going through, I also have a puppy."

So now a baby is at par with a puppy? Majority of parents will certainly tell you that a puppy is nowhere near a baby. They will just feel offended if you consider caring for your puppy is equal to parents' efforts in taking care of their babies.

"I'm super busy."

Busy? How about having a kid whom you feed, care for and guard 24/7? Once you have a kid of your own, you'll realize that your sense of "busy-ness" will change.

"Ugh.... I wouldn't want to have kids, ever..."

Scary Mommy mentioned that when you say this to one who has kids, you'll make one feel that being a parent is so disgusting. In addition, you make it sound like it's the biggest mistake anyone could make.

"When I become a parent, I will...."

Great! With these words, you make parents feel that their parenting style is wrong. Remember that every parent is different, in the same vein that parenting styles differ. So wait till you become a parent before you give parental advice to those who already have their own kids.

Remember, if you still don't have kids of your own, try to be more sensitive of parents' feelings. Think of what you're going to say before you really say it.

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