Eldest Children Are The Best: Here Are 5 Scientifically-Based Reasons Why This Is So

By Snow, Parent Herald April 05, 08:16 pm

This may not sound so appealing to non-eldest siblings but research has spoken. The verdict? Between eldest and other siblings, it is the eldest children who are considered as "the best." Why is this so?

According to Huffington Post, birth order plays a huge role in the development of children. Various studies have shown that eldest children get a lot (sometimes too much) love and affection from their parents considering that they're firstborns. But aside from your parents' affection, scientific research has provided five more reasons that make being the eldest a huge privilege.

Eldest may be more responsible.

A lot of weight is normally put on the shoulders of eldest children. They are given more responsibility especially in the care of younger brothers and sisters. Because of this, they are viewed as the more responsible and obedient child.

Eldest may be smarter.

A 2007 study of Norwegian young adults found that firstborn men had higher IQ points compared to younger siblings. Their IQs were higher by 2.3 points. The rationale behind it was that older siblings become tutors of younger ones allowing them to retain information better. Besides, parents normally spend a lot of time with their firstborns during childhood compared to younger siblings.

Eldest may be more successful.

Due mostly to parents close monitoring of their development, eldest tend to become achievement-oriented. They usually would like to please their parents. Because of this drive to excel, they carry the trait in their professional lives later on, unconsciously carving a path to success.

Eldest may be more obedient.

Studies have shown that eldest children tend to follow rules. Being rebellious is sometimes not part of their inherent traits. According to Vassilis Saroglou, a Belgian psychologist, "Firstborns tend to be responsible, competitive and conventional."

Eldest may be more conscientious.

A 2015 Australian study showed that conscientiousness is a trait exhibited by many firstborns. This helps them to have better academic performance, one step to achieving future success.

BuzzFeed mentioned that being the eldest gives you all the perks in the world. You get new clothes and no hand-me-downs. You get to be the confidant of younger siblings and you tend to experience more life events.

With all these great things about being the eldest child, don't you think you're very lucky being one? What other privileges do eldest children have? Share them below.

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