Breastfeeding On A Plane: The Stark Contrast Between 2 Airlines In Treating Breastfeeding Moms

By Snow, Parent Herald March 31, 10:05 pm

Many breastfeeding moms dread the thought of breastfeeding on a plane due to the number of horror stories of publicly shaming the maternal act. While there are flight attendants who tend to shame breastfeeding mothers, there are also those who don't mind at all. Two mothers shared their experience when they breastfed on a plane.

Huffington Post recounted the experience of one mom who breastfed her 4-year-old daughter on a plane. She suffered from some discomfort but not in the context of being publicly shamed for breastfeeding.

The mother's discomfort was brought about by the space that her 4-year-old daughter had to occupy. Try to imagine squeezing a female adult, and a young girl in one seat and you can imagine how uncomfortable it will be. But as a mother who was requested by her daughter saying, "Mama, can I have some milk please," you won't be able to resist. While this mom had a pleasant experience, another mom wasn't able to say the same thing.

CNN reported about a mother who was told to cover up by a flight attendant when she breastfed her baby. Kristen Hilderman was on board United Airlines Flight 438 bound for Vancouver and was breastfeeding her 5-month-old son as the plane was taxiing on the runway.

A flight attendant of the airline came up to them and asked her husband in a loud voice, so that other passengers could hear, whether the two of them were together. When her husband answered yes, the flight attendant tossed a blanket at them and said tersely, "Then here, help her out."

Hilderman was bewildered and tried to ask the flight attendant what was it that needed helping. But the flight attendant simply ignored her thereafter. Hilderman didn't waste any time and immediately vented out her frustrations on Twitter.

These two moms were both breastfeeding, and were both on a plane. However, they did not have the same experience. Does this show that society has not yet fully welcomed breastfeeding in public? Are you also a breastfeeding mother who had a similar experience? Please share your thoughts below.

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