Student Protesters Seek School Administration Reforms; Refused To Leave Duke University President's Office 2 Days In A Row

By Snow, Parent Herald April 05, 08:21 pm

Concerned student protesters at Duke University are clamoring for a $15-minimum wage for campus workers and were seeking the firing of three school administrators. The students have been carrying out their protest for two days in a row, compelling university president to talk to them in the hopes of ending their 2-day-sit-in protest.

Yahoo reported that these nine student protesters have been occupying the university president's waiting room for two days and refused to leave if their demands aren't met by the school. However, school officials have signified that if the students will not voluntarily leave the president's office, they will not be negotiating with them.

In an effort to end the 2-day-sit-in-protest, Duke University president, Richard Brodhead, met with the nine student protesters who have been camped outside his office since Friday. From the time that these protesters occupied the building, school officials closed the said building and no students and staff were allowed in the protest area.

According to WRAL, the students were told that criminal charges may be filed against them if they won't leave the building they were occupying. However, in a more recent statement, they took back what they initially uttered and said that they will not be punishing the students but will do their best to "facilitate productive dialogue and move toward a peaceful resolution."

As the sit-in-protest dragged on, school administrator feared that many people will be inconvenienced including teachers, staff and other students. On the other hand, protesters said that people can always use the building without any issue.

Mike Devito, one of Duke University student protesters said, "The closing of the Allen Building ... for whatever reason was by Duke's administration and, in a way, served to galvanize this gathering outside as well." They believe that their presence does not hamper school operation in the concerned building. School administration hopes that the student protesters will soon end their sit-in-protest and allow operations to go back to normalcy.

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