A Pup For Crack: Man Stole and Exchanged A $1,600 Puppy For Crack

By Denise Uychiat, Parent Herald January 22, 09:38 pm

Dogs are known as man's best friend. Even though they are not able to speak, they make sure we feel that they are there for us in times when we think we don't have anyone to run to.

Unfortunately, not everyone think like that. There are some people who would do anything just to get their hands on illegal stuff that give them a temporary high.

In Florida, a Yorkshire terrier puppy was reported to have been stolen from a pet shop in Largo. The police said that it was supposedly given in exchange for crack. Fortunately, the puppy was found unhurt.

The puppy was stolen from All About Puppies on Jan.12. It was clear in the surveillance video that a man put the dog, which was learned to have a value of $1,600, under his shirt and left the store.

The suspect was identified to be Wayne Junior Barfield, 38, and was arrested last week. The police who are in charge of the investigation said Barfield confessed to them telling them that he stole the puppy for crack and cash.

The Yorkshire which has a microchip was as stolen on the state and national database.

The police discovered on Wednesday that the puppy is being treated in an animal hospital in St. Petersburg. After the news broke out about the stealing of the dog, the staff at Partridge Animal Hospital scanned the dog's chip and identified it.

The family who brought the dog to the hospital has had the dog for a week. They named the dog "Cookie" and said that they brought her to the veterinarian because she became very sick three days ago.

The hospital staff said the family did not have any idea that the dog was stolen. They also said that the puppy has an upper respiratory infection and parasites in the stomach which was the reason for the dog's intestine to bleed and to become anemic. "Cookie" is now treatment.

The investigation is still on-going.

Video Credit: Youtube.com/playful

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