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The Hills

Pregnancy  24 March '16

Woman Learns She's Having Triplets After Husband Dies

A few weeks after her husband's death, Courtney Hill went to the hospital thinking she was having a miscarriage but went home with a very beautiful news instead.


Parenting  24 March '16

Uninsured Parents Should Be Aware That Their Insurance Can Cover Their Children

Oftentimes, parents don't understand that their children may be qualified for a health insurance.


Infant  24 March '16

New Study Revealed That There Is No Connection Between Antibiotics Use and Weight Gain in Babies

The study published in Journal of the American Medical Association revealed that there is no apparent connection between antibiotics use during the first six months of life and weight gain in children.

obese woman

Health/Nutrition  24 March '16

Educated Obese Women are Twice More at Risk for Depression Than Women With Normal Weight With the Same Education, Study Says

A study conducted by the researchers from Rice University revealed that the education you receive does not have any say whether or not you are at risk of developing depression.


Health/Nutrition  24 March '16

Study Reveals Women Who Sunbathe Can Have Longer Life Expectancy Than Those Who Avoid Being Under the Sun

A recent study showed that women who sunbathe can expect to live longer compared to those who shy away from the sun.

Parenting  23 March '16

Custody Battle Madness: A 6-Year-Old Girl Was Taken Away From Her Foster Parents Because She's a Member of a Native American Tribe

After years of battling it out, the Pages lost their custody battle against the Choctaw tribe and had to give their foster daughter back to her biological relatives.

pregnant woman at work

Pregnancy  23 March '16

Study Says One out of Nine Women Loses Job as a Result of Pregnancy Discrimination

A government study revealed that a lot of women still face discrimination and unfair treatment at work for being pregnant.

Alzheimer's disease

Health/Nutrition  23 March '16

MIT Researchers May Have Found a Way to Recall Lost Memories in Patient's With Alzheimer's

Researchers at MIT may have a solution to lost memories caused my progressing Alzheimer's.


Health/Nutrition  23 March '16

FDA Requires New Safety Warnings on the Use of Opioids

Food and Drug Administration has recently released a statement saying that opioid painkillers should come with a warning about the risks that come along with using the medication.

woman in labor

Pregnancy  22 March '16

Experts Suggest That When Women in Labor Are Given an Extra Hour C-Section Can Be Reduced

A recent fact was recently released that if women are given another extra hour during labor, births via cesarean sections are reduced.

Japanese Consumers Enjoy The Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Food  22 March '16

The Million Dollar Question: Do Women Really Love Eating Chocolates More Than Men?

Many have already tried but few have succeeded. Do women really enjoy eating chocolates more?

Air Pollution

Pregnancy  22 March '16

Study Reveals Women's Exposure to Air Pollution During Pregnancy May Cause the Child to Have a Bad Behavior

A recent study has revealed that pregnant women's exposure to a common air pollutant may negatively affect fetal development.

child left alone

Parenting  22 March '16

Parents React to Lawmakers Proposed Bill to Punish Them for Leaving Children Under 7 Years Old Alone at Home or in a Car

A proposed bill by Rhode Island lawmakers is making headlines and receives a lot of attention from parents who say there should be a fine line between trying to avoid child cruelty and telling them how they should raise their children.

clerk catches the baby

News  22 March '16

Right Place at the Right Time: Store Clerk Grabs Baby Just Seconds Before Young Mother Falls to the Ground

A surveillance camera video recorded the incident of a convenience store clerk catching a baby seconds before the young mother had an epileptic episode.


Toddler  21 March '16

Alarming Fact: Approximately 160 Young Children Are Brought to the ER Everyday Due to Accidental Overdosing

It is alarming to think that everyday more and more children end up at the ERs because of something that could have been prevented.

Pregnant Woman

Parenting  21 March '16

Postpartum Depression Decreases a Mother's Chance of Having More Than 2 Children

A surprising effect of suffering from postpartum depression is having a low fertility level which can significantly decrease a mother's chance of having 3 or more children.


News  21 March '16

Doctors Who Receive Pay-Outs Prescribe a Higher Number of Branded Drugs Than Those Who Do Not

A report was revealed expressing how doctors receive payments from pharmaceutical companies in exchange for prescribing medications that will benefit them.


Family Life  21 March '16

Study Revealed People Suffering From PTSD, Nightmares Are More at Risk of Having Suicidal Tendencies

A recent study shows that people suffering from PTSD have nightmares that interfere with their daily functioning and will most likely lead them to having suicidal thoughts.

alcohol abuse

Health/Nutrition  21 March '16

Medical Students on the Verge of Burn-Out Are More at Risk of Abusing Alcohol, Study Says

A recent study show that almost one-thirds of medical students in the United States are at risk of abusing alcohol.

American children

Toddler  20 March '16

1 of 7 American Children Under 9 Years Old Suffer From Mental Disorder, Study Says

Study claims that limited access to medical care and parents' mental health can greatly affect the child's mental health status.

anxious man

Health/Nutrition  20 March '16

Study: Kappa Opioid Receptors (KOR) Could Be Used As Cure For Anxiety Disorder & Addiction

A study has revealed that kappa opioid receptors may be effective in treating anxiety disorders.


Health/Nutrition  19 March '16

Having a Healthy Heart Can Make Your Brain Healthy Too, Study Says

A recent study have shown that meeting the standards of a healthy heart usually brings lesser incidence of decreased brain function.

breast cancer ribbon

Health/Nutrition  18 March '16

Remarkable News: Combination Drugs Can Destroy HER2 Positive Breast Cancer Tumors in 11 Days

Scientists at the Institute of Cancer Research in London discovered combination drugs that obliterate cancer tumors in just 11 days, meaning that some women may no longer need to undergo chemotherapy.

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