5 Tips To Protect Yourself And Your Children From A Narcissistic Parent

According to divorcedmoms.com, narcissism is "the personality trait of egotism, vanity, conceit or simple selfishness" and those people who possess this trait are pretty abusive to their children during and after divorce. Hence, it is impossible to co-parent with this type of people who don't understand the word "teamwork." Nevertheless, you can still survive from their complicated behavior and protect your children at the same time with these 5 simple steps:

Don't disparagingly talk about narcissist to your children. Be a great role model to your children. Let them realize that although they will experience some difficulties on handling their parent's bad behavior, they can still get through it by controlling their own.

Hence, don't bad mouth about narcissist to your children. Instead, just give them some tips or anything that you learned from the past to help them handle everything in a very healthy way.

Avoid conflict with a narcissist. Narcissists normally attempt to take exes' attention by initiation conflict. So, the best way to handle this is to avoid face-to-face conversation with the particular person. Contact him/her through email and make it as your primary means of communication.

Prepare for the worst. Narcissists hold grudges for a very long time. They don't forgive and forget that easily. These people want revenge and they are good at hurting people, psychologically.

Thus, it is important to maintain your cool. Interact with them like you're not affected whatsoever with their behavior. And the best way to this is to prepare yourself ahead of time. Think of the possible responses that he/she might throw on you when you talk in person. Preparing yourself in advance can help you hold your emotions together.

Document everything. Breaking a promise is a typical narcissistic behavior. Thus, it is important to seek lawyer's advice and finalize everything through black and white to ensure that promises are kept.

Prioritize your children. Co-parenting with a narcissistic person is definitely hard. But always remember that the ultimate goal is for your kids to have a good relationship with both parents. Hence, make the process as amicable as possible.

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