Helpful Tips For Parents Who Leave Office Beyond 5 P.M.

Spending too much time at work than with your children can definitely cause friction between your relationships. Your children might be facing a lot of issues and difficulties, which you are not aware of because you're so busy with the office.

Thus, here are some helpful techniques to help parents be productive at work, so they can leave their office on time and be with their family for dinner.

Start your day with the end in the mind.

According to a career coach, Lea McLeod, many people don't leave their office on time simply because they don't set everything accordingly. Hence, it is very important to start your day with proper planning and to prioritize all the work that need to be done. More so, parents can also motivate themselves by always reminding themselves that they need to pick up their kids from school.

Know your values.

Kevin Kruse, author of "15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management" said successful people think through their priorities. They schedule their time appropriately to give enough time for their family, friends and work.

Say when you have to leave.

McLeod said when you tell your co-workers the time you plan to leave, you'll be more likely to follow. She said giving your colleagues a head start about your unavailability can prevent unnecessary last-minute meetings or assignments.

Always remember that your work will still be there tomorrow.

Kruse said there are always things need to be finished in the office but you don't need to be a slave to it. "The hard truth is that there will always be more to do, so it's up to you to decide -- regardless of the to-do list or the fire to put out-how much time you're willing to invest at work each day," he added to fastcompany.

Leaving office at exactly 5 p.m. is definitely difficult but not impossible, especially if you just follow these simple steps and think about your family!

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