The 4 Best and Creative Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy

By Dianne Francisco, Parent Herald February 10, 05:10 am

One of the best gifts a woman could ever receive is the news that she is about to have a baby. Sharing this news to family and friends would even make the whole knowledge of it more exciting.

Preferring to make the announcement creative and interesting could also add more fun to this great news than just telling people you are pregnant the conventional way. Here are some of the creative ideas that could make your pregnancy announcement memorable.

1. The Ultrasound Announcement: You could use your ultrasound video and edit it by adding some upbeat background music to it. It is suggested that you include songs like "I'm Coming Out" by Diana Ross or the "Best Thing" by Ray LaMontaigne. You could post it on all of your social media accounts and tag all your family members, so they are able to see it.

2. Lip Sync Agenda: Lip-syncing with your partner to a Meghan Trainor song while holding up a sign that says, "I'm pregnant" is also another way to do it. This was done by a very creative couple who posted their lip sync video on on YouTube, which actually went viral that Inside Edition even featured them. You are free to follow their footsteps.

3. Let The Fortune Cookie Tell It All: An article shared by involves a fortune cookie. You could use some tweezers to remove the original message that was inside a fortune cookie and replace it with yours announcing you are pregnant.

4. Say It On The Shower Before The Actual Baby Shower: This idea is once again from coming from a woman named Renee Noffsinger. You can write the announcement to your husband using the foggy mirror on your shower before going to bed. In the morning when your husband wakes up, the message would still be there and it would totally surprise him.

These are only the four creative ways to announce your pregnancy that would certainly make your loved ones leap for joy in celebration with you.

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