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Don't Go Down A Slide With Your Kid, Mom Warns

Health/Nutrition  29 June '18

Don't Go Down A Slide With Your Kid, Mom Warns

Heather Clare reminded parents about the dangers of going down the slide with a child as a PSA on playground safety. The mom shared a photo of her 1-year-old daughter who suffered fractures after they went down the slide together.

Mom Gets Spied On During 'Intimate Moments' Through A Hacked Baby Monitor

Family Life  11 June '18

Mom Gets Spied On During 'Intimate Moments' Through A Hacked Baby Monitor

Jamie Summitt is horrified to learn that someone had been spying on her every time she breastfed her baby. The hacker used the baby monitor to invade her privacy.

This Teacher's 'Summer Packet' Is Something Parents Can Really Get Behind

Health/Nutrition  6 June '18

This Teacher's 'Summer Packet' Is Something Parents Can Really Get Behind

A teacher and mom from Florida made her own Summer Packet that teaches kids how to learn from life's experience. These include tying the shoelace and reading a book, to name a few.

Moms With Mental Health Issues

Postpartum  6 April '17

Are Moms With Mental Health Issues Bad Parents? Expert Weigh In On Why They Need Extra Help

Family members and medical professionals need to support moms with mental health issues like postpartum depression.

Teams Of Scientists Work Behind The Scenes At The European Space Agency

Behavior  14 July '16

Parenting Tips: New Study Claims That Your Parenting Style Could Affect Your Child's Work Ethics In The Future

Work ethic is a result of a good parenting style that a child experienced from his folks growing up.

Grocery Shopping

Food  12 February '16

Canadian Moms Turn Creative With Grocery Shopping As Food Prices Soar

The food price hike in Canada has inspired some mothers to be innovative with grocery shopping.

Kerstin Linnartz Announces Pregnancy

Pregnancy  10 February '16

The 4 Best and Creative Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy

Check out these creative ways on how to announce your pregnancy to your family and friends.

Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy  21 January '16

Health Benefits for Black Women Delaying Pregnancy Are Less Than Those Whites?

Postponing motherhood is believed to have a lot of benefits for the mother and the child; however, black mothers were questioned if they can enjoy the benefits other races do.

A woman in distress.

Health/Nutrition  11 May '15

Depressed Moms Get New, Unique Treatment Approach

Juggling work and home responsibilities overwhelm most moms. Because of this, it's no surprise that many of them get depressed at some point in their lives.

An epidural administered during childbirth.

Parenting  5 May '15

Epidural Injection Facts & Details: 10 Things About Giving Birth Naturally, Like Kate Middleton

60 to 80 percent of American women giving birth for the first time make use of epidural injected pain relief, according to Slate.com. An epidural injected medication relieves pain during child labor in the affected areas.

A hair treatment for head lice.

Health/Nutrition  30 April '15

Kids With Head Lice to Stay in Class: Acceptable or Ridiculous? [Poll]

The American Academy of Pediatrics has a recommended a new regulation on class attendance of students with head lice.

A baby getting breastfed.

Health/Nutrition  29 April '15

6 Breastfeeding Tips to Get Your Newborn to Latch

Breastfeeding is usually challenging for both first time and seasoned moms. It takes multiple trial and errors before you successfully get your newborn to latch for feeding. Worry no more, as getting your newborn to latch is easier than you may think.

Denny's Rio Ranchero Skillet

Family Life  28 April '15

Mother's Day 2015 Ideas: 7 Best Restaurants to Dine Out to with Mom

Mother's Day is just less than two weeks away. Ideas for the best celebration on that special day are in the works for just about anybody.

Mother's Day cupcakes

Family Life  28 April '15

6 Affordable Mother's Day Gift & Celebration Ideas

On May 10, each mom will have her own way of celebrating parenthood joys. In turn, kids will do their shares in making this day special for their mothers.

Rice Krispies energy bars.

Health/Nutrition  22 April '15

10 Healthy Energy Bars Recipes You Can Do at Home

Having energy all day long is what your kids need to stay on top of things. They need great stamina to do what their hearts desire and a couple of daily tasks.

A child's bedroom, clutter-free.

Family Life  20 April '15

6 Room Organization Ideas to Avoid Clutter

Organizing your home may seem like a huge chore. Keeping clutter away as your little ones play is inevitably time consuming.

Bottles of Pumped Breast Milk

Health/Nutrition  7 April '15

Breast Milk For Sale Online May be Mixed With Cow's Milk, Study Reveals

You may want to think twice before you buy breast milk for your newborn online. A Yahoo! Parenting article revealed that "The Pediatrics" reported on Monday about a study on the likelihood of the inclusion of cow's milk in breast milk sold online.

Drew Barrymore, kissing youngest child, Frankie.

News  31 March '15

15 Celebrity Moms & Dads You Should Follow on Social Media

Some celebrity parents are inspiration to many. Fans look up to them as role models for parenting in the 21st century.

The Levana Baby Monitor captures those special tender moments.

Family Life  30 March '15

8 Best 2015 Gadgets for Moms

Parenting and home management chores keep moms busy most of the time. Because of this, mothers have the need to get tasks done easily and quickly.

Rachel Hollis' post-baby body bikini photo.

Health/Nutrition  26 March '15

Mom's 'Permanently Flabby' Bikini Body is a 'Blessing'? 'I Was Blessed Enough to Carry My Babies'

A mother of three, 32-year old Rachel Hollis proved to the world that mothers should not be ashamed of their post-baby bodies no matter what happens.

Would-Be Mom's Diet Determines Baby's Obesity Risk

Health/Nutrition  27 January '14

Would-Be Mom's Diet Determines Baby's Obesity Risk

The diet of mother’s-to-be is crucial in determining their baby’s risk for obesity, a recent study finds.

Modern Moms: More TV, Less Housework

Health/Nutrition  4 December '13

Modern Moms: More TV, Less Housework

Modern moms are watching television more than ever and have become less involved in household work, a recent study finds.

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