Diet Secrets Without Even Trying; Scientists Reveal Secrets Of The Effortlessly Thin

By Diane Ting, Parent Herald February 12, 05:19 am

Researchers have finally revealed the diet secrets of people who are effortlessly thin. Mindlessly thin people prefer to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to food.

The study was conducted by Cornell Food and Brand Lab which consisted of 122 adults whose Body Mass Index (BMI) were considered healthy. The participants also reported not having to maintain any strict diets.

The 122 adults were then compared to another group of participants who struggle to lose and maintain their weights. The other group claims to regularly diet by being highly conscious of what they ate even though they thought about food regularly.

The study concluded that among the respondents who do not worry about their weight, more than one in ten never weigh themselves. The majority of the people also rarely diet, according to Daily Mail.

The research also revealed that nearly half of the respondents exercise at least fives times a week, and almost a tenth of them were vegetarian. A fifth of the participants also did not drink alcohol.

Researchers also explored what effortlessly thin people ate on a daily basis. The study revealed that for breakfast, more than half of the respondents prefer to eat fruits and vegetables.

Foods with high water content such as salads, cucumber, and watermelon can help people feel full and satisfied, according to Eating Well. At the same time, a fifth of the participants snacked on nuts all throughout the day to avoid getting hungry.

About 61 percent of those who participated said chicken is their favorite type of meat. About 65 percent also said they eat vegetables for dinner as a diet secret.

The study also examined what effortlessly thin people drink by finding out that nearly 40 percent of them did not consume soft drinks. About 33 percent, on the other hand, mentioned that they prefer sipping on their favorite diet soft drink.

"We wanted to find the small or simple behaviors that might have a big impact," according to Dr. Brian Wansink, director of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab and author of Slim by Design. The lead researcher also wanted to point out which health behaviors differed between those struggling to lose weight and the mindlessly slim.

The study shows that diet secrets typically found in slim people differ from conventional weight loss advice. Effortlessly slim people eat high-quality foods, cook at home and listen to their bodies in order to stay slim.

"These results are encouraging because they imply that instead of putting restrictions on one's diet and avoiding favorite foods, weight gain could be prevented early on by... putting emphasis on the quality instead of the quantity of food," researcher Anna-Leena Vuorinen of VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland said. During the study, one of the participant's diet secrets includes quality over quantity.

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