Single Mom Grasps To Fetish Modelling For Her Three Kids

By Jackie , Parent Herald February 16, 10:50 pm

A single mom of three, who was struggling to afford toys and clothes for her kids, has turned her selfies into £6,000 monthly earnings. Now, she can afford luxurious things for her children.

Sabien Demonia, 27, said everything started simply just for fun. She said she started posting her pictures on social media just to feel "glamorous and not just a worn-down mum."

She said after having Damian, who is now nine years old, she just stayed home for a year. Then, she had another child, Wiktoria, who is now eight. Apparently, Sabien felt that she was feeling "unsatisfied" and wants to do something other than household chores.

In 2010, after moving from Poland, she said she started posting her pictures on social media. However, her racy pictures captured the attention of fetish photographers on Facebook. Hence, Sabien was offered paid modeling jobs.

Sabien who is currently living in Edinburgh said she has two jobs at that time. She was working in a warehouse and working as a waitress but can barely afford clothes and toys for her kids. "I was a single mother of two kids at the time -- it wasn't easy," she said to Mirror. So, she was forced to accept the modelling offer.

Now, the fetish model can earn up to £6,000 a month. And said her life was "completely changed for the better." Nevertheless, Sabien created an outrage and attracted some criticisms from the netizens who think that she's introducing her kids to sexuality. But she couldn't care less as she thinks her career is a "lifeline."

Despite the criticism, Sabien said, "nudity is all over the internet." Hence, she strongly believes her job can't cause any harm to her kids. "It's made them a little bit more prepared for adulthood and it's made them more aware of the challenges they will face in their adult life." Thus, Sabien is now happily living with her children along with her youngest Maja, six, and her fiance Pete Kawa, 33.

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