Does Your Toddler Throw Tantrums? Discover The Top 6 Most Effective Ways To Deal With Tantrums

Parenting a toddler is no joke, such a big challenge. Hence, parenting a toddler that throws tantrums is even more difficult.

Knowing the most effective ways to deal with tantrums can make a big difference for many parents.The site Parents shared some tips to help kids calm down and relax.

1. Ignore the child.

Reasoning is not going to work on a toddler throwing a tantrum because the part of his brain that controls reasoning is not working during his meltdown episode. Wait for the child to calm down before you talk to him.

2.  Give some space.

Yelling at your kid is not going to make things better. It is better to give the child some space and let him get his anger out on his own. Just make sure that the child is safe and will not cause harm to himself or others during the meltdown.

3. Divert the child's attention.

While the kid is having a meltdown, you can try bringing out or showing him things that could divert his attention. Diversion is also useful before a tantrum occurs. "If your kid is about to go off the deep end at the supermarket because you won't buy the super-frosted sugar-bomb cereal, try quickly switching gears and enthusiastically saying something like, 'Hey, we need some ice cream. Want to help me pick a flavor?'" the site advised.

4. Find out the source of frustration.

Since toddlers have limited vocabulary, they sometimes throw tantrums because they could not verbalize their needs or wants. Teaching them some basic sign language or learning to understand non-verbal cues could make a big difference.

5. Hug the kid.

A big and firm embrace can calm down a child. "Hugs make kids feel secure and let them know that you care about them, even if you don't agree with their behavior," Clinical psychologist Ray Levy shared.

6. Set up the rules beforehand.

Giving a set of specific rules about throwing tantrums and explaining the consequences and punishments for breaking the agreement are recommended. Parents can even give incentives to their kids for not throwing tantrums when they go outside.

Parents need to be consistent, patient and understanding when dealing with their upset toddler, according to Empowering Parents. Moms and dads should never give up on their toddlers and must continue to find effective ways to deal with tantrums.

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