Broken Promises: The 3 Biggest Negative Effects Of Breaking Promises To Your Children

By Daniel, Parent Herald February 28, 08:33 pm

It is a common scenario for parents to break their promises to their children thinking that it has no significant bearing on their relationship. However, this line of thinking is incorrect

There are several negative effects of breaking promises to your children, according to iMom. Parents need to reflect on the following points before breaking another promise.

Reduced trust levels

When parents break their promises, they are unintentionally teaching their kids not to trust them. Many kids look for consistency between their parents' words and actions and when that does not happen, kids lose their trust on their parents.

"If your child can't trust you in the little promises, how will they trust you in the big ones?" asked iMom. "If you are not true to your word, you are not showing integrity.  Eventually, that will lead to your children losing respect for you," iMom added.

Lowered self-esteem

Self-esteem is needed by everyone to socialize and succeed in this world. However, when parents do not keep their promises to kids, the children will feel unimportant and unvalued. These feelings can easily result into reduced levels of self-esteem.

Future promise-breakers

Kids learn more from their parents' actions than their words. One of the unintentional consequences of breaking a promise to your kids is that the value of making promises will be gradually reduced in the children's eyes.

As they grow up, they might also become promise-breakers. They will think that it is okay to break promises left and right because they learned it from their parents.


If you have been guilty of breaking promises to your kids, it is not too late for you to regain their trust. In order to counter the negative effects of breaking promises to your children, you need to be a good role model and follow through on your future promises, ENanny Source advised. Admitting your mistakes and explaining honestly why you made those mistakes can make a huge difference in repairing your children's trust in you.

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