Energy Drinks Banned From Vermont's Middlebury College, Allegedly Can Damage Their Student's Academic Performance

By Maureen Bongat, Parent Herald March 01, 05:23 am

Recently, reports have detailed how energy drinks have been linked not just to an unhealthy lifestyle and certain health issues, but also in engaging in sex and drug use. Concerned with their students, Vermont's Middlebury College banned the selling of these drinks inside their campus which they believe can affect their students' academic performance and promote a culture of stress.

The Dining Software Intern Myles Kamisher-Koch suggested that with the possible negative effects that their students will only get from these energy drinks, the product clearly violates the school's mission which is to "nourish and nurture today and tomorrow by sustaining mind, body and earth." Kamisher-Koch also presented a study which showed that about 25 percent people who were fond of drinking energy drinks love to combine alcoholic beverages in it.

The proposal raised questions and arguments especially from students who believed that removing these energy drinks inside the campus only violates the student's freedom to choose over what products they want to consume. Arnav Adhikari, a senior who works at a café inside the campus, told NBC News, "And what do energy drinks have to do with sexual activity?"

Despite having several debates about the issue, some students have seconded the Kamisher-Koch initial presentation. Hence, a 19-year-old student Jenna McNicholas said, "I learned in my psychology class that energy drinks are linked to high-risk sex and drug use. Another fellow Meg Knox also seconded the issue saying, "The school has a responsibility to direct students to healthy choices through what they provide."

The plan will take effect in March 7 -- banning all vendors from selling the said beverages which include Red Bull and 5-Hour Energy, inside the premises of the campus. The only caffeinated drinks which will be allowed inside the campus are coffee Guayaki Yerba Mate and several sodas, as posted by the campus' student newspaper The Middlebury Campus.

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