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The 58th GRAMMY Awards - Show

null  9 March '16

Beyoncé Posts Adorable Throwback Pics of Blue Ivy, Gets Thousands of Instagram Likes

Thursday isn't there yet, but Queen B has recently shared throwback photos of her baby Blue Ivy through her Instagram account.

Packaged Salad Is The Second Fastest Selling Item On Grocery Shelves

Food  9 March '16

Dole's Popular Product Contaminated with Listeria Monocytegenes, Poses Danger to its Consumers

Listeria Monocytegenes, present in one of Dole's products, caused a mother to fall into a coma.

Household Pets Become Latest Victims Of Foreclosure Crisis

Parenting  8 March '16

Mauled by 4 Dogs, 92-Year-Old Gladys Anderson’s Condition Turned Worse

The 92-year-old grandma, Gladys Anderson was mauled by her neighbor's four dogs. Authorities suggest it not as a crime but as a tragedy.

NZ Prepares For Release Of Budget

Pregnancy  8 March '16

First Uterus Transplant in the U.S. Focused on Women, Children & Families

Lindsey, first woman who underwent a uterus transplant, was feeling very blessed and excited to finally have a child of her own.

China Daily Life

Food  6 March '16

Chick-fil-A’s Cellphone Coop Challenge: Creating a Bridge Between Families by Disconnecting Them to the World

American fast food chain Chick-fil-A is challenging their customers for a free dessert. Are you up for the challenge?

Massachussetts To Enact Mandatory Health Insurance Law

Health/Nutrition  5 March '16

Instant Blood Pressure App Pose Risk to People With Hypertension, Study Says

A blood pressure app post risks to its users by showing inaccurate results, experts say.

Lifestyle During Pregnancy

Pregnancy  5 March '16

The U.S. Unintended Pregnancy Rate, Still High but Dramatically Decreasing

The U.S. unintended pregnancy rate is dramatically decreasing all because of an effective contraceptive method, a new study says.

China's Coal Dependence A Challenge For Climate

Food  5 March '16

Climate Change Update: More Than 500,000 Deaths Around the World by 2050 due to Food Scarcity

Climate change is dangerously creating a bigger problem in our world’s future which can lead to more than half a million deaths by 2050, study says.

China To Give Residency Rights To Migrant Families

Parenting  4 March '16

Parents to Face Penalties Simply by Uploading Pictures of Their Innocent Ones, New French Law States

Are you in favor of penalizing the parents just by uploading their children’s pictures in their own social media platform or not?

China Daily Life - Pollution

Parenting  4 March '16

3 Coolest Gizmos and Gadgets Perfect for Your Pets

Techie stuff are not just for humans alone, some are designed for your furballs too. Check this out!

Controversial Cyber Bill Leaked In Cambodia

Parenting  4 March '16

Parents Find Health Information Online not Worthy of Their Trust, Study Says

Most parents search help online especially when it comes to their family's health but are not confident about it, an Australian Child Health Poll found out.

Ordination Of Six New Rabbis In Berlin

Parenting  3 March '16

Parenting Tips for Paranoid Moms: Three Apps For a More Peaceful of Mind

Are you always worried for your kids? Check out these apps made to help you.

Berlin Hit By Measles Outbreak

Parenting  3 March '16

Parents' Instinct Can Help Improve Hospital Safety and Prevent Medical Mistakes, Study Says

A recent study shows how important a parent's instinct is especially when it comes to keeping children safe.

Six People Murdered On Chicago's South Side As City's Homicides Rise

Toddler  3 March '16

The ‘Bloody Nanny’ Gyulchekhra Bobokulova Speaks Out with a Smile: Her Death is for Allah

The nanny who allegedly decapitated the head of the child she's looking after has recently been brought to trial.

San Francisco Votes To Ban McDonalds Happy Meals

Food  3 March '16

McDonald's Sweden to Release Their Newly Innovated Happy Meal Toy: The Happy 'VR' Goggles

McDonald's Sweden has scheduled the release of their newest Happy Meal innovation between March 5 and March 12.

Take Our Children To Work Day

Parenting  3 March '16

Parenting Has a Powerful Effect, Rewires Parents' Immune System

Being a parent is stressful, but a recent study showed another reason why it's worth it.

New Safeway Opens With Focus On Organic Goods

Food  3 March '16

First Unmanned Store in Sweden Opens, Offering Convenience to Customers Using Technology

Unmanned store in Sweden recently opens, promising its customers a unique and hassle-free shopping experience.

Google Buys YouTube For $1.65bn

Parenting  2 March '16

Child-Friendly Search Engine Kiddle Has Been Launched -- Promising Parents A Safer 'Internet World' For Their Kids

Kiddle has recently been launched; does the search engine make it safer for the children to explore the web now?

Six-Alarm Fire Rages On Brooklyn's Waterfront

Parenting  1 March '16

Woman, Pets Rescued From Fire In Glendale, All Are Presently Doing Well

A woman, dog and cat have been rescued from a burning apartment in Glendale, California at around 4:00 in the morning.

Conflict In Eastern Ukraine Takes Its Toll On Donetsk Region

Parenting  1 March '16

Two Dogs Shot Dead Finally Received Justice, Owners Charged With Animal Neglect

After a month since the two dogs were killed, their owners have been charged in connection to the case.

Heroin Addiction Fostered By Kabul's Lost War On Drugs

Health/Nutrition  1 March '16

Newly Created Virtual 'Heroin Cave' To Help Heroin Dependents Set Free From Addiction

The University of Houston has created a way to help heroin dependents curb their addiction.

Highly Caffeinated Drinks, Five Hour Energy And Monster Energy Cited In 13 Death Reports

Health/Nutrition  1 March '16

Energy Drinks Banned From Vermont's Middlebury College, Allegedly Can Damage Their Student's Academic Performance

The Vermont’s Middlebury College recently banned the selling of energy drinks. Know the reason behind this.

Germany To Face Shortage Of Child Day Care Centers

Toddler  1 March '16

The 13-Month-Old Poppi Worthington's Murder Case: 4 Years of Seeking Justice

It's already four years since Baby Poppi was found dead in 2012. Authorities promised to work harder for the case.

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