Child-Friendly Search Engine Kiddle Has Been Launched -- Promising Parents A Safer 'Internet World' For Their Kids

By Maureen Bongat, Parent Herald March 02, 06:36 pm

The internet has its negative side filled with filthy things that parents would never want their kids to get involved with -- various trashes, pornographic images and videos and other non-child-friendly topics. Given that reason, Google has recently launched their newest search engine, Kiddle -- promising parents a safer, better and more informative way for their kids to explore the web.

The newly launched search engine powered by Google was designed to help parents keep their children safe from explicit, disturbing and inappropriate contents whenever they are using the internet. Through its Google safe search, Google editors assure its users the sites generated after every search will only be from famous and trusted kid-friendly sites which have been personally hand-picked by them.

The Kiddle's search results have been displayed in a way that kids could easily read and understand -- words are in large fonts and contents -- only using simple words. The results are also useful not only to kids who can read perfectly but also to those who still can't do well. This has been made possible by the thumbnails, which act as visual clues, posted on the left side of the search results.

But as this search engine's been introduced to the web, some issues with regard to it caused confusion to its users. As posted in The Next Web, a writer tried to search the term 'suicide' on Kiddle expecting for related sites which could help or support kids who might be at the verge of committing it, but to no avail. "Kiddle appears to take the stance that ignorance is bliss and has blocked all terms relating to suicide, offering zero help or support for kids who might be in need."

Meanwhile, Kiddle is encouraging parents and those who are concerned to make their search engine more reliable by suggesting keywords or sites which they think should be blocked from kids. Terms which have already been blocked include: lesbian, sex, LGBT, gay, menstruation, intercourse, death, terror, circumcision, birth, self-harm help, self-harm and suicide. 

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