Parenting Tips for Paranoid Moms: Three Apps For a More Peaceful of Mind

By Maureen Bongat, Parent Herald March 03, 07:30 am

Moms tend to always worry for their child's sake. With just a snap anything can happen. Danger might happen anytime or anywhere.

So if you are one of these moms who always feel worried and would want dearly to do everything to keep the love of their lives safe, then you have to meet these apps. These are the best pals specifically for paranoid moms just like you.

1.        Find My Kids- Footprints

If you want to know more about the places where your kid is usually heading or the things he loves to do, better try checking Find My Kids- Footprints App. This app offers features like Geofences which automatically sends notifications whenever your precious little angel is crossing to specific places which you've pointed in the app as "fence." It also has these movement sensors which send updates whenever he's on the move.

2.       The FBI's Child ID App

This app, which was created and launched by FBI, can provide you a convenient and electronic way to upload your kids' details like photos and other vital information such as weight and height. If there comes a time that your child's been lost, you can simply use this app to transfer your child's information whenever it's needed.

3.       iCam- Webcam Video Streaming

This app is perfect to use especially if you are away from your home but still wants to get in touch with your household. This iCam App lets you watch live video feeds which have been taken directly from different parts of your house. You only have to set up computers, attach webcams and install the app's compatible software in each unit.

Being a bit paranoid is fine. In fact, studies show that almost 75 percent of parents are always worried about everything regarding their children, so it's perfectly normal. But make sure you don't embrace that feeling too tight or it will no longer be healthy for you and your most precious one.

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