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Bloomberg's Ban On Large Sodas Debated In Court, As New Report Details Diabetes Deaths In City At A High

Health/Nutrition  3 January '17

How A Parent's Obesity Can Have Negative Health Effects On Children

Parental obesity isn't just harmful to them, the risks run down to their children as well.

Karl Rove's Car Shrink-Wrapped In Prank

Toddler  2 January '17

How To Help Toddlers With Emotional Regulation And Dealing With Anger And Frustrations

Most children have occasional tantrums or meltdowns. They may sometimes lash out if they’re frustrated or be defiant if asked to do something they don’t want to do.

How to make baby sleep in crib - itsjudyslife

Health/Nutrition  21 December '16

Do Not Let Anyone Sleep Train Your Baby

The sleep training thing is indicative of a larger problem. After the dawn of the baby boomers, parenting morphed into pleasing, and then my generation took that to the next evolution.

Mindful Parenting: A Simple And Powerful Solution For Raising Creative, Engaged, Happy Kids In Today’s Hectic World

Development  20 December '16

Parenting Change: A Look Back In The Past And Look Forward to the Future

Mother of all ages agreed that parenting today has changed intensely for the past decades. Modern moms nowadays have been given more info because of the internet but it also gives them criticism.

3-person babies

Health/Nutrition  17 December '16

Three-Person Babies: A Brief Explanation And Consequences

This technique's main purpose is to stop the birth of babies with dangerous inherited diseases that can be deadly.

Children of Prisoners Reunite with their Fathers Behind Bars for a Day

Health/Nutrition  12 December '16

Heart-warming Scenes As Imprisoned Fathers Spend Holidays With Their Kids

At Central Prison, incarcerated fathers spent time with their children on Saturday.

Children Head Back To School In Chicago

Toddler  6 December '16

Ungrateful Kids? How To Cope With Children's Behavior During The Christmas Season

Experts say it's ok for a child to show their emotions when their expectations are not met.

Child Actress Aubrey Anderson-Emmons And Friends Preview Twozies, A New Toy Line From The Makers Of Shopkins

Family Life  5 December '16

Raising Charitable Kids: Easier Said Than Done

Giving is not something you “teach” children; it’s a value you adopt as a family.

Pull-Ups Potty Partnership Launch Party

Behavior  4 December '16

Talking To Children About Sexual Abuse: How To Go About It?

How and what should parents say about sexual abuse without frightening their children?

Rally At New York's City Hall Celebrates Public Breastfeeding Law

Postpartum  2 December '16

Why Skin Contact Between Babies And Mothers Is Useful In Breastfeeding

The baby is most active in the first hour of birth, scientists suggest the golden hour helps in breastfeeding.

15th Anniversary Of 9/11 Attacks Commemorated At World Trade Center Memorial Site

Family Life  30 November '16

How Can Friends Stay Friends Even When One Of Them Becomes A Mommy?

Planning is important in keeping old friendships strong like always.

Toys'R' Us Welcomes Holiday Shoppers

Toddler  30 November '16

Recreating Popular Toys That Help Disabled Children Realize The Power Of Mobility

Dr. Galloaway is doing an interesting kind of job and is helping out children having disabilities in regards to mobility.

Nickelodeon's 13th Annual Worldwide Day Of Play

School Age  29 November '16

Parenting And Sports: Why Parents Should Support Their Sports-Loving Children

Parents who had loved sports in younger ages but not supported by their parents try even harder to support their children.

Fire Crews Train Ahead Of Start Of State's Wildfire Season

Toddler  29 November '16

How To Save Your Asthmatic Child From The Usual Pain They Go Through

There were 770 asthma-related emergency room visits in Washington Heights and Inwood among school-aged children between 5 to 14 years old in 2014.

Children's Citizenship Ceremony Held At President Lincoln's Cottage

Family Life  28 November '16

Helicopter Parenting: What's In It For Parents?

Hovering over children, watching their life play out and removing hurdles may ease them temporarily, but not quite in the long term.

US Heroin Epidemic Takes Toll On Families

Health  28 November '16

Chronic Pain In Children: An Issue That Certainly Requires More Attention

Alberta Children's Hospital wants to build a program so that youth will be help by other people.

Protests Break Out In Charlotte After Police Shooting

Toddler  28 November '16

How Can Smartphones Help Diagnose Autism?

Parents can use an app, created to help people living with autism, at home to determine if there is a need for clinical examination.

Nine Dead After Church Shooting In Charleston

Infant  28 November '16

This Is The Most Challenging Job On The Planet, Click Here For More Details

Parenting has to be the toughest job on this planet. However, things start settling down after a bit. All one needs is some resilience and courage.

Voters In South Carolina Head To The Polls In The State's Democratic Primary

School Age  27 November '16

Children's Sleeping Patterns: Where Does A Parent's Role Fit In?

Children's sleep duration may be influenced by parental practices and behaviors.

New York Holds Annual Easter Day Parade On 5th Avenue

Behavior  27 November '16

Parenting Facts: Are You Setting A Good Example In Terms Of Behavior?

The key to smart discipline is simple: Teach your child how to control her own behavior so you don't have to.

Pope Francis Visits The Festival Of Families On Philadelphia's Benjamin Franklin Parkway

Infant  27 November '16

CPSC Claims That Crib Bumpers Are Unsafe But Does Nothing About Them

Crib bumpers are a suffocation hazard and parents shouldn't use them. They have contributed to the deaths of too many children.

Comedy Central Live 2016 Upfront - Presentation

Development  27 November '16

Identifying Fake News: Why Children Are Bad At This

Eighty-two percent of middle-schoolers couldn't distinguish between an ad labeled sponsored content and a real news story on a website.

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