McDonald's Sweden to Release Their Newly Innovated Happy Meal Toy: The Happy 'VR' Goggles

By Maureen Bongat, Parent Herald March 03, 06:00 am

McDonald's is now moving on from cheap plastic toy figures of movie characters like those from Disney and Sanrio to a more useful and techie toy which even kids-at-heart will surely love. Aiming to create an "exciting opportunity to connect families in the digital times," McDonald's Sweden will be offering a new updated version of their Happy Meal box to their customers which can be folded into a virtual reality viewer called the "Happy Goggles."

"Parents can learn more about their children's knowledge and experience of the digital world," Jeff Jacket, marketing director at McDonald's Sweden, said in an interview. "And purposeful gaming can also be a great joint activity that helps families interact on equal terms," Jacket added.

The special edition of Happy Meal will only be available at selective McDonald's stores for approximately $4.10 per piece. As posted in Adweek, about 3,500 of these Happy Goggles will be available for sale during the weekends of March 5 and March 12.

The Happy Goggles is just in time for the Swedish recreational holiday "Sportlov" where most families would spend their time skiing. In fact, according to the USA Today, the McDonald's Company will release Slope Stars by March 4, an education virtual reality game perfect for the Happy Goggles which has been endorsed by the Sweden's National Ski Team.

The special edition of Happy Meal is only a trial run for the company. According to McDonald's, the company is looking forward for more goggles to be released in other countries. "We hope to be able to roll it out in your country soon," according to a recent post in the company's website.

Social media users also expressed their excitement over the Happy Meal innovation. John Warner, a Twitter user, said: "They're really gonna be "lovin it." Another user, TechBoy Ray, also posted: "Tech + Food. I don't need anything else. Omg McDonald's."

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