3 Coolest Gizmos and Gadgets Perfect for Your Pets

By Maureen Bongat, Parent Herald March 04, 08:41 pm

Estimate of about $60 billion worth of animal products was spent by Americans last year, as per the American Pet Association. That only shows how pet-crazy Americans can be. No one can blame them though, those adorable and cute big balls of fur are really hard to resist.

Gadgets are some of the most expensive things owners buy for their pets. These things are use not just to improve their pet's lifestyle but also their lives. So if you're one of those pet owners who would love to spoil their pets with techie stuff, you might want to check out these gadgets and consider these.

1.       Petcube Camera ($199)

Being away from your pet is totally heartbreaking even if that would only mean for hours. That's why Petcube Camera has been introduced to the market, to let pet parents be able to "watch, talk to, and play with your pet" no matter when or where they may be.

2.       Dyson Groom ($52.99)

Getting your pet hair all around the house, even in your food, won't be a problem anymore. Dyson Groom is the answer to all pet parents for an affordable pet hair solution.

How does it work? Perfect for medium and long-haired pets, this gadget can simply and effectively remove loose hair from your pet's coat before it unintentionally shed around home.

3.       Kittyo ($249)

Perfect for kitties, Kittyo gadget can be the most ideal gadget for your pets. It can record and share images of your pet, dispense their treats, help them not to get bored and play with them. Aside from that, this gadget can also build a bridge between you and your pets whenever you're far away as it can also be used to communicate to them.

Investing money for these gadgets all for the love of your pet is totally fine. You only have to remember these techie stuff will never replace the time and unconditional love you must always give to them. 

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