First Unmanned Store in Sweden Opens, Offering Convenience to Customers Using Technology

By Maureen Bongat, Parent Herald March 03, 05:30 am

After a stressful grocery experience with his baby, a Swedish IT specialist Robert Ilijason had been inspired to start the country's first unmanned, 24-hour convenience store. He used his experience to put up an ideal shop especially for parents who find shopping with a baby on their side stressful.

His business idea started when he and his hungry son was home alone late at night that he dropped the last baby's food jar on the floor. Tired, he pushed himself and eventually managed to drive for 20 minutes along with his hungry crying baby to the nearest town of Viken in southern Sweden where a 24-hour supermarket was available.

Thinking it could also help other people especially those parents who live in remote areas, he decided to make his business idea into reality. Through his business, customers only have to download an app using their smartphones, register online to avail its services and they are good to go. As posted by Times of Malta, customers will be charged of their purchases in a monthly invoice.

Just by using the app, customers will now be able to do their shopping in less than a minute. It will let them unlock the door which will only require a swipe of a finger and scan and credit their purchases without any hassle.

Tuve Nilsson, a 75-year-old resident that had already visited the shop said with Ilijason's new store's technology, it would sure open more convenience to customers especially to elders who are living alone. According to him, Ilijason must only consider to properly introduce his business to his potential customers especially on how to properly use the app.

Meanwhile, Ilijason is considering improvements by switching to credit card reader and fingerprint-reader for faster customer transactions, as posted in The Daily Meal. "My ambition is to spread this idea to other villages and small towns," said Mr. Ilijason.

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