Mauled by 4 Dogs, 92-Year-Old Gladys Anderson’s Condition Turned Worse

By Maureen Bongat, Parent Herald March 08, 09:00 pm

92-year-old Gladys Anderson who was been mauled by her neighbor’s four dogs has died, authorities say. She had several injuries which includes broken bones and deep cuts in some parts of her head and legs. The attack happened while the elderly woman was visiting her neighbor's house at around 5PM in Scott Lake community on Sunday, March 6.

“Mom’s doing poorly,” said Dr. Andrew Alexander, a physical and professor in Southern California. “Her prognosis is not good.” As reported by Komo News, the homeowners told the dispatchers that it was not like her to visit them inside their place, because their dogs were "protective" and "started getting her."

The victim is in critical condition.

Posted by KING 5 on Monday, March 7, 2016

“I’ve been doing this job for more than six years, I have never seen anything like it,” said Iris Johnson, Thurston County Animal Services. “It appeared that she was drug into the house about 10 feet."

According to the investigators, there was no crime committed during the incident. In fact, the authorities were looking it as a tragedy. “The dogs were contained on the property that they’re supposed to be contained at,” the authorities said.

Andrew Alexander, the victim’s son, was in deep pain with what happened to his mom. He can’t even accept how the authorities view her mom’s case. “This sort of violent act on someone to this degree,” Andrew Alexander said. “I’m not convinced that there’s no crime been happening,” he added.

Meanwhile, the local animal control has stated that their office has received several complaints about how these dogs used to chase people in the neighborhood. But because the reports weren’t formally filed, the organization was unable to fix the matter, as reported by Kiro 7. Though the home owner has already agreed to euthanize their dogs the real owner of the dogs, which is the homeowner’s daughter, has yet to agree about her dogs’ fate.

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