A Heartwarming Reason Why Two Strangers Followed This Mom Around Grocery Store

There are times that parents doubt themselves if they have done enough or doing the right things for their family. Right? But what happened recently to a mother will definitely remind you that you shouldn't doubt yourself as a parent because whatever you do with your kids even it's a little chit chat can make a huge difference. Just like the story of this one mom. Read on and be inspired.

While at the Costco, one mother and her two daughters were doing their regular shopping trip. And to make it an exciting, fun time for her kids, she cracked a joke with them, asked what they want for dinner and whose turn it was to do the dishes.

After paying for the groceries and as they made their way towards the exit, one man along with his daughter approached them and the little girl handed her an envelope. When she asked what it was, "It's a gift and we would like it if you accepted it," the duo said. "There is a note inside explaining why."

Then, the man's daughter nicely asked her if she could hug her, which she quickly agreed. "I felt such a warm hug," the mother said. Then, she waved goodbye to the two and loaded her daughters and their stuff into the car.

When she got into the car, she opened the envelope and the message reads: "Just listening to you talk to your daughters reminded me of my mother whom I lost 2 years ago. I made my dad follow you around for a little so I can hear you guys talk because I wanted to pretend that it was my mom talking to me."

The mom was left in tears after reading the touching letter and added to the Facebook page, 'Love What Matters,' the little girl assured her that she's a great mother "even though sometimes every parent questions themselves."

“I was walking through Costco this morning doing some regular shopping with my two daughters. As we were walking through...

Posted by Love What Matters on Saturday, February 27, 2016


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