Dog Training: Best Ways To Get Your Dog To Behave

Dogs misbehave for a number of reasons. Sometimes they are just bored, want attention or they are just stress. However, pet owners usually don't know this that's why their best friends frequently get into trouble.

So, if you're having the same issue, then, it's time to give your friend a basic dog training-- teaching him to behave like a good dog should. And here's how you can start.

Make your dog understand the word "No."

You can start the dog training by making your buddy understand that his behavior is not acceptable. For one, if he starts on biting slippers or shoes, then, tell him "No!." Doing this method every day can eventually make him behave the way you want him to be.

Give your dog a chew toy.

Dogs normally bite things if they get bored. Hence, better buy interactive toys if you're planning to start your dog training right away. So, when your dog nips at your stuff, issue a firm "No!" Then, give him his chew toy and praise him for behaving.

Teach you dog not to bite aggressively.

When you have a dog that bites aggressively to the point that he nips at your hands, then, it's time to stop such behavior. Just firmly hold his muzzle, then say "No."

Teach your dog basic etiquette.

Dog training is not just to teach dogs how to behave properly, but also teaching them the proper way regard to your visitors, friends as well as your neighbors. Hence, you should include in your checklist to teach your dog how to properly pee outside from the house, not to jump on people and to respect your authority, etc.

You can begin the process by teaching him the things you want him to learn-- the things that you think that matters most. Then, decide if you want to teach him on your own or would rather send him to a dog training school.

Teaching dogs how to behave properly is a fun and exciting time. Likewise, it can teach them showmanship.

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