Dog Bite Prevention: 4 Safety Tips To Prevent Your Kids From Getting Bitten

Many kids get bitten by seemingly harmless family pet dogs. In most of these dog bite cases, it is the child that is at fault, although some parents may argue otherwise. Debates of this kind might not see a resolve; however, a comprise be could be made: practicing caution.

It is important to teach kids what to do and what not to do when around dogs. This is helpful in protecting your child from a dog bite as well as in keeping your dog happy and peaceful in your home. Dr. Sophia Yin shared some valuable dog bite prevention tips for all families.

Dog Bite Prevention Tip # 1: Let the dog eat in peace.

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Many kids get bitten for interrupting dogs that are eating or sticking their hands on the dog's meal. Make sure that your child knows to back off when a dog is eating in order to prevent a dog bite.

Dog Bite Prevention Tip # 2: Do not steal a dog's toy.

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Parents need to teach kids that stealing a toy from a dog's mouth is just as bad as and even more dangerous than stealing a toy from another kid's hand. Although you can train your dog not to bite when someone steals its food or toy, it would be safer to teach the kids first not to meddle with the dog's food or toy.

Dog Bite Prevention Tip # 3: Maintain proper distance.

"Kids frequently can't help but get in your face," Dr. Yin explained. "They often have to be trained to maintain the appropriate social distance. Similarly, putting your face into a dog's face, even if it's all in the family, can be irritating to the dog, especially when the dog has no control over the child's behavior."

Dog Bite Prevention Tip # 4: Play gently.

Lots of kids love playing rough with other children. To play rough with a dog is to invite a dog bite. Kids should learn early that rough playing can trigger a dog's defensive behavior which can lead to biting, according to Smart Animal Training Systems.

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