Teenagers On Drugs: What Parents Should Know About Teens Getting Hooked On DXM

By Dianne Francisco, Parent Herald March 10, 07:00 pm

There are lots of challenges in raising a teenager and one of them is the possibility of your child being exposed to drugs. For those parents who are not yet aware of it, DXM is currently the substance that teenagers are getting hooked on these days. It is an ingredient that can be found in cough and cold medicines.

In an article published by WebMD, although this drug is intended for people to relieve them from their cough and cold, teenagers also use this to get high. It is quite alarming that they would take in some huge doses of DXM to achieve that floating feeling that they want and in the end, it could even jeopardize their health.

As parents, it is your responsibility to be aware of this since it is your teenager's life that could be at risk. Back in 2008, statistics show that 1 in 10 in U.S. teens are using this type of drug to get high. If the amount of dosage was right when taken and prescribed by the doctor, it is usually safe. But for those teens that get high with this drug, the effect involves hallucinations and performing risky tasks.

Teenagers could be very secretive and the next thing you know, you have one child who is already addicted to DXM. Don't let this happen to you and it is best to know the signs and symptoms that your teenager could be using this dangerous drug.

According to Narconon, there are some publications that say DXM alone is not addictive, but those who abused it were said to have cravings for the drug. That is one sign of addiction by the way and it is best to take action before it is too late. Other signs that your child could be addicted to it would involve their sudden change of appearance and their appetite.

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