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5 Things Teens WISH Parents Knew

Opinion  19 January '17

Why You Should Avoid Being A Clingy Parent To Your Teen

Parenting is not about monitoring your child 24/7, especially if you happen to have teens. Here's why you should maybe let go a bit, and let them be free.

Parenting Teenagers Academy

Teens/Young Adults  3 January '17

One Mom Finding Sweet Spots In Parenting Teenagers? Secret To Successful Teen Parenting Revealed!

One mom shares she has found the sweet spots in parenting teenagers, which have helped her enjoy parenting teens. This mom proved parenting teenagers is not really difficult.

XNSPY - Most Powerful App For Spying

Opinion  2 January '17

New Mobile Monitoring App Helps Parents Cope With Bad Teen Behavior

Cyber-life of our teens is an inescapable deal, so it must be observed. If they're argumentative or rude towards us, some radical changes may be occurring in their life. Most probably, they're under bad influence. They might have troublemaker friends or they may have come across strangers whose relationship may be toxic for our teen.

'Helicopter Parenting' May Underprepare Your Child for the Real World

Behavior  22 December '16

Dealing With Your Shy Tween In Coping With School

Some parents may have experienced a big change in their child and questioned themselves, "What happened?." Not only the child's figure has changed, but also the behavior may have changed as well. A happy child who used to have friends doesn't have friends anymore. A once-talkative child who is fond of telling you everything had already refused to talk. Your child who is confident had become silent and afraid to look to anyone.

Essential Facts About The Teens: How To Handle Them and Prevail Over The Peer Pressures

Teens/Young Adults  12 December '16

Five Not-So-Secret Texting Codes And Five Coded Text Messages Teens Should Adopt

Teenagers primarily use text messaging as a mode of communication. In this method it’s much easier for them to hide the meaning of their conversations. If parents want to know what their kids are up to especially what they’re texting about, reading nowadays is not enough.

Perfect Parenting

Teens/Young Adults  12 December '16

Influence of Parenting to Adolescents’ Rebellious Conducts

An advance inquiry produced from the Journal of Youth and Adolescence on December 9 2016 Friday : Misaki Natsuaki an instructor in the field of psychology and Laura Dimler a Calibrate student of psychology both scions of the University Of California Riverside discovered that when an adolescent perceives their progenitor’s strategy of raising them more dismissive than what their progenitors did they demonstrate amplified levels of hostile conduct.

Helicopter Parents:

Opinion  5 December '16

Parenting Teenagers: The Thin Line Between Enabling And Being Overprotective

Knowing how to walk the line between enabling risky behaviors, on the one hand, and being too overprotective, on the other, is a delicate balancing act. That is because the middle ground between implicitly encouraging (enabling) a child to binge drink, experiment with drugs, or make other unsafe choices and sheltering them too much from the necessary risks of adolescence can seem narrow, indeed.

Tech Bash Brings Carnival For Tech-Savvy Consumers

Dads  25 October '16

Video Game Violence Vs. Culture: Creator of ‘DOOM’ 'John Romero Shares His Opinion

Is "DOOM" a violent game? Here's what its creator John Romero got to say.

Keenan Cahill & Ciara Perform In Honor Of National Teen Pregnancy Awareness Month

Teens/Young Adults  13 October '16

New Study Shows Using Tools And Role Playing To Depict Pregnancy Only Increases Teen Pregnancy

Teenagers were taught the wrong way when it comes to procreation, which is why teen pregnancy was even an issue.

Billboard Winterfest at Park City Live! Day 2 - 2016 Park City

Parenting  16 March '16

3 Apps That You Should Delete On Your Teen's Phone; No.1 Is Used By Many Teens Everyday

Here are the dangerous apps that you should delete at once, soon as you see them on your teen's smartphones.

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