4-Year-Old Boy Accidentally Shoots Mother Who Advocates the Right to Bear Arms

By Snow, Parent Herald March 10, 09:45 pm

A gun-loving mom from Florida, Jamie Gilt, was accidentally shot by her 4-year-old son. The mother and son were cruising along the highway when the gun went off, badly wounding the 31-year-old mom. They were riding on their truck on their way to pick up a horse and for reasons still unknown, the young boy was able to get hold of the loaded weapon and accidentally shot his mother.

Jamie sustained serious injuries, and was taken to the hospital by police officers, who immediately rushed to their aid upon noticing that the car came to an unexpected halt. News Republic reported that although the mother was injured, she can still face possible charges for having a loaded weapon onboard, and accidentally allowing a minor to gain access to it. 

According to Putnam County Sheriff's Office, "Our investigation has revealed that the firearm was legally owned by the victim and the child came to possess the firearm without the victim's knowledge." Reports also indicated that the .45 caliber handgun was fired by the boy from the backseat, which penetrated the cushion, hitting Jamie from the back and exiting through her stomach, causing a serious injury.

The irony was that early on the day the incident happened, Jamie Gilt took to social media to boast about her son's shooting prowess. She even owned a community Facebook page "Jamie Gilt for Gun Sense" where a quote can be found saying, "My right to protect my child with my gun trumps your fear of my gun."

According to ABC News, a March 7 posting under the user Jamie Gilt wrote, "I can promise though, if someone breaks into my house, or tries to harm me or my family pretty anywhere, they will be shot and most likely killed. It's my right to protect my life." Later, the same user posted a reply to a comment pertaining to teaching young ones to shoot saying, "All of ours know how to shoot too. Even my 4-year-old gets jacked up to target shoot with the .22."

As of this writing, the controversial Facebook page where many people dissed Jamie's advocacy and her act of teaching her son to shoot has been taken down. Jamie, after having been accidentally shot by her son is now recovering at the hospital, but police were still unable to interview her due to her condition.

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