Nanny Child Care: The Pros and Cons Of Having A Nanny

Are you planning on getting a nanny for your child? Many working parents decide to get a nanny to take care of their kids while working away from home. If you are still undecided on choosing an appropriate child care, knowing the pros and cons of having a nanny can make a big difference on your decision.

Baby Centre shared the different pros and cons of having a nanny for your child. Getting a nanny is a serious decision that can significantly affect your child's wellbeing.

Pros of Having a Nanny:

1. One-on-one attention and care

Many parents prefer getting a nanny instead of sending their kids to daycare centers because of the one-on-one attention and care that nannies can provide to kids. "This means she'll benefit from plenty of attention and stimulation, and will form a close bond with her nanny," Baby Centre explains.

2. More flexibility

If your working hours are unpredictable, you will greatly benefit from having a nanny. Nannies can accommodate changes in working hours better than daycare centers.

3. More control

You will have more control on the different aspects of child care by getting your children a nanny instead of putting them in a daycare center. "Since you are directing one person -- your nanny -- about your child's day, you have more control over what your child does, when he does it and how he does it -- not to mention where he goes and what he is exposed to," shares.

Cons of Having a Nanny:

1. Expenses

Getting a nanny means becoming an employer who has to pay a whole day's salary. You will also need to file taxes and might even need an accountant.

2. Being dependent on one person

Nannies are human beings that can get sick, called away and go on vacation leaves. During these times, you will have no one to take care of your child.

3. Lack of adequate regulation

"The nanny is only regulated by the employer who hires her," explains. "Screening nanny candidates and running background checks is up to parents."

Can you think of other pros and cons of having a nanny? Share them on the comments section below.

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