Young Animal Lovers: 5 Reasons To Raise Children Around Pets

Are you trying to decide whether to get your child a pet or not? Some parents decide not to do so for safety reasons and for fear of having more chaos in the house. While those are legitimate concerns, there are also several reasons to raise children around pets that you have to take into consideration.

One Green Planet shared the best reasons to raise children around pets. Hopefully, this list can help you make an informed decision on whether to get a pet or not.

1. Stronger immune system

Some studies show that kids who grew up during infancy with dogs around had stronger immune system. These kids also experienced less cases of respiratory tract infections compared to kids who grew up in infancy without dogs around.

2. Happy childhood memories

For adults who grew up around pets, some of their fondest childhood memories include their bonding time with their pets. Kids who have good and disciplined pets around while growing up will experience plenty of unforgettable moments with their animals.

3. Development of empathy and compassion

Some of the most important virtues to have are empathy and compassion for others. Having pets around the house can help parents teach their kids about empathy and compassion by showing concern and sensitivity to the feelings and level of comfort of these animals.

4. Instilling a sense of responsibility

Giving children pets can help them develop a sense of responsibility. "Pets require daily feeding, exercise, and affection, not to mention grooming and potty time (and clean-up)," Healthy Pets explain. "Older children can learn how to care for another living creature and even younger children can help with feeding and playtime."

5. Reduce stress levels

"Pets help lower blood pressure and lessen anxiety," WebMD shares. Having better physical and emotional health are good enough reasons to raise children around pets.

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