How Married Couples Can Stop Fighting: 5 Tips For A Peaceful Marriage

By Daniel, Parent Herald March 16, 06:00 am

All married couples have arguments, conflicts, issues and misunderstandings. Unfortunately, many married couples decide to fight about these differences with a dose of verbal or physical abuse instead of finding a peaceful resolution. Not knowing how to maintain a peaceful marriage increases the risk of married couples for divorce or separation.

WebMD shared some useful tips for a peaceful marriage. Learning about these tips is just the first step. Your unending commitment and devotion to have peace in your marriage are the things that will truly make the biggest difference for the future of your relationship.

1. Take some time off.

Differences and misunderstandings can destroy the peace and set off a person's temper. This can result in an exchange of hurtful words and actions between a husband and wife. Instead of trying to fix things at that very moment, learn to back off for a period of time and talk with each other when you are both calmer and more relaxed.

2. Admit your mistakes.

If both of you fail at being calm and a fight ensues between the two of you, admitting that you were wrong can make a big difference. "Letting down our defenses in the heat of battle seems counterintuitive, but it is actually very effective with couples," marriage and family therapist Melody Brooke told WebMD.

3. Develop your sense of humor.

Having a great sense of humor is one of the most useful tips for a peaceful marriage. Most of the fights that married couples get into are over petty things. Learning how to laugh at these issues and at yourself can really help defuse the situation and calm things down.

4. Cuddle and touch.

Cuddling should be a daily part of a married couple's life because it can increase the production of oxytocin. "Oxytocin is a hormone that does everything from making you feel good to helping you feel connected to others," Life Hack explains.

5. Focus on what is important.

One of the best tips for a peaceful marriage is prioritization. Married couples need to prioritize an affectionate, loving and peaceful relationship above anything else, including their ego and pride. Ask yourself if it is worth risking your relationship just so you can defend your ego and pride over issues that can be resolved in a peaceful manner.

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