Kids On A Plane: 5 Tips For Flying With Children

By Daniel, Parent Herald March 18, 05:20 am

It is very difficult to take your kids on a plane ride. Children get bored easily, become restless and then start to disturb the other passengers on the plane. Knowing how the different ways to entertain children during your flight can make a big difference on your travel experiences.

The Daily Mail shared some useful tips for flying with children. Have a happier, calmer and more peaceful flight by trying out these following activities.

1. Give your kid a drink.

One of the best tips for flying with children is to always have a drink at hand. "Have drinks to hand they can sip on for take off and landing so they don't concentrate on the air pressure; which can affect children more than adults," The Daily Mail shares.

2. Buy new toys or games before the flight.

Purchasing new toys or games before the flight is an effective way to entertain kids on a plane for a longer period of time. If you are unable to buy new toys or games, just make sure to bring the older ones.

3. Bring out different toys alternately.

A great way to keep kids entertained with their toys is by not bringing them all out at once but to bring each one out at different time period. Parents can also try to wrap their kids' old toys to make it more exciting for the children.

4. Provide games that take time to finish.

"Concentrate on packing activities as opposed to static objects such as dolls and cuddly toys," The Daily Mail explains. "Finger puppets and activity cards are both toys that can be drawn out to last a lot longer."

5. Proper dress code.

One of the most effective tips for flying with kids on a plane is by dressing the children in comfortable clothes or pajamas in order to encourage nap time, according to Mother Mag. Parents can also bring a blanket, small pillow or stuffed toy to help their child to sleep during the flight.

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