Single Parenting Tips: 5 Ways To Be A Successful Single Parent

By Daniel, Parent Herald March 21, 04:20 am

Parenting kids with a spouse is a challenging and difficult task. Parenting kids without a spouse is twice as hard. Knowing the best single parenting tips can help you become successful in raising your child without having a spouse to help you. shared some useful single parenting tips. Practicing these tips might help reduce single parent stress.

1. Proper budgeting

One of the biggest advantages of parenting kids with a spouse is the total family income generated by the couple. Being a single parent means having only one source of income. Therefore, single parenting requires a more meticulous and thorough budgeting in order to provide all the needs of your family.

2. Find help

"While it's tempting to try to handle everything alone, ask friends and family members for help," explains. There are other ways to do this, like joining a support group for single parents or if it fits within your budget, you can hire a trusted nanny or sitter to help you out either with the kids or someone to help out with home chores.

3. Maintain an effective and efficient daily routine

Having a systematic, effective and efficient daily routine with fixed schedules can help prevent getting overwhelmed with single parenting. Scheduling meal times, household chores, sleeping time, work period and other activities will help you and your kids feel more secured and organized.

4. Have some "me" time

Being a single-parent does not mean you have to spend every waking minute of your life for your kids. Taking a break from kids can help a single parent become re-energized in the different aspects of life. Going to the movies, shopping, eating out, and visiting family and friends are great ways to re-energize your life.

5. Stay optimistic

One of the most important single parenting tips is to stay optimistic. "Look for and point out the good side to events and experiences," Hey Sigmund advised. "Offer interpretations of events that are specific, that locate control and influence and that allow for a different outcome next time."

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